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Wall’s Introduces Trio of Innovative Frozen Treats to Kick Off Summer

USA 12.04.2024
Source: The DairyNews
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As temperatures rise, Unilever's Wall’s is delighting consumers with a fresh lineup of frozen treats, enhancing its iconic brands Twister, Cornetto, and Guuud with innovative new offerings.
Wall’s Introduces Trio of Innovative Frozen Treats to Kick Off Summer
Leading the charge is the Twister Berry-licious, a vibrant addition to the Twister range boasting a unique feature: the ability to naturally color tongues blue. Made with real fruit juice and free from artificial flavors or colors, this non-HFSS sweet berry-flavored ice lolly promises guilt-free indulgence for kids and families seeking a refreshing summer treat.

Rhiannon Lines, Handheld Marketing Manager at Unilever, emphasized Twister's reputation for inventive flavor combinations and its appeal as a go-to option for parents seeking delicious yet wholesome treats for their children. The introduction of Twister Berry-licious adds an extra element of fun to the ice cream experience, aligning perfectly with Wall’s commitment to joy and flavor.

In the realm of indulgence, Cornetto Soft Stracciatella and Caramel emerges as Unilever's most decadent Cornetto variant yet. Featuring sumptuous stracciatella and caramel toppings and sauce atop a novel crunchy cocoa wafer cone, this offering caters to consumers craving a luxurious ice cream experience in the comfort of their homes.

Lines highlighted the convenience and indulgence of Cornetto Soft, positioning it as an ideal choice for the burgeoning sofa snacking trend, providing consumers with an easy way to treat themselves without compromising on taste or quality.

Catering to the growing demand for healthier dessert options, Guuud, Wall’s Greek-style yogurt ice cream brand, introduces three enticing new flavors: salted caramel, sweet and sour passionfruit, and fruity raspberry. With a mere 68 calories per stick, Guuud's yogurt-style ice cream range meets HFSS compliance standards while offering consumers guilt-free indulgence.

Lines underscored Guuud's role in Wall’s strategy to redefine ice cream consumption beyond traditional seasonal patterns, presenting it as a versatile alternative to conventional yogurt suitable for year-round enjoyment. Whether savored on-the-go, as a midday snack, or as a post-dinner treat, Guuud aims to unlock new opportunities for frozen desserts, catering to diverse consumer preferences and occasions.
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