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Pure Culture Organics Announces New Kefir Line

USA 21.03.2024
Source: The DairyNews
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Introducing Pure Culture Organics Kefir: Designed and tested with millennials in mind and loaded with 12 unique probiotic strains and over 50 billion CFUs per serving, Pure Culture is a sustainable offering, with a clean label, and less ingredients, company writes.
Pure Culture Organics Announces New Kefir Line
Stripped down to its basic essential components and using newer processing and formulation techniques, Pure Culture is 100% lactose free, free of stabilizers, coloring agents, thickening powders and gums, and is gluten and GMO-free. Additionally, Pure Culture Kefir has eliminated the lactose sugars found in traditional dairy, and converted it into naturally occurring sweeteners, thereby enhancing the sweetness perception, without adding unwanted sugars.

Edward Smolyansky, co-founder of Pure Culture Organics, said: "My father developed the world's best kefir formulation in the world. After he passed away, I had the privilege to be a steward of the formula for 20 years at the company he founded. In recent years, I've been obsessed with trying to develop the cleanest, simplest and most sustainable Kefir. Pure Culture Organics is the result of that obsession."

Pure Culture Organics Kefir will be available for distribution in September 2024 in flavors including Low Fat Unsweetened, Strawberries n' Cream; Peach/Vanilla; Wild Blueberry, Tart Summer Cherry, and Whole Milk Unsweetened in 32oz sizes, suggested MSRP of $5.99 per quart. Additionally, PCO Inc. will also have available its Kefir+Collagen, and Pineberry flavor this fall/winter.
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Ching Yee Lin
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Maks Fasteyev
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