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Ever.Ag Revolutionizes Cheese Production with AI-Driven Cheese Yield Optimization

World 18.01.2024
Source: The DairyNews
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Ever.Ag proudly introduces its groundbreaking product, Cheese Yield Optimization, utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) to transform the landscape of cheese manufacturing.
Ever.Ag Revolutionizes Cheese Production with AI-Driven Cheese Yield Optimization
This innovative solution aims to enhance efficiency, minimize waste, and boost profitability for cheese manufacturers facing challenges in an ever-evolving industry.

Addressing issues such as milk composition variability, an aging workforce, and slim profit margins, Cheese Yield Optimization leverages AI and machine learning to digitize and analyze the cheese production process. The program provides real-time actionable recommendations to operators, suggesting recipe changes based on data-driven insights. Unlike traditional approaches, this AI-driven solution learns from existing and new datasets, delivering results in as little as 90 days, a significant reduction from the typical 12 to 15 months.

Ryan Mertes, Head of Manufacturing Solutions at Ever.Ag, emphasizes that the system enhances decision-making without compromising the artisanal aspect of cheese making. By optimizing processes and providing tailored recommendations, the AI assistant contributes to improved product consistency, quality, and yield. The potential impact is substantial, with customers achieving 1-3% margin improvements, translating to millions of dollars in value through yield enhancements and undergrade reductions.

Simon Drake, EVP, Data Science Solutions at Ever.Ag, highlights the significance of AI in supporting the dairy industry's transition towards sustainability and profitability. Cheese Yield Optimization not only preserves the artistry of cheese making but also empowers manufacturers to elevate the quality and consistency of their products. The integration of AI into cheese production represents a crucial step forward, ensuring that the time-honored tradition of cheese making thrives in the modern era.

Beyond operational benefits, Cheese Yield Optimization aids in workforce transition and knowledge retention, particularly as younger employees assume plant management roles. Coupled with Ever.Ag's existing dairy automation capabilities, this AI-driven solution provides a comprehensive platform for driving efficiency, sustainability, and delivering high-value end products in the dairy industry.
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