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Celebrating Olympic Day: Dairy Fresh Champions Sports and Nutrition in Hong Kong

China 25.06.2024
Source: The DairyNews
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To celebrate International Olympic Day on June 23, the Sports Federation and Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China (SF&OC) held the "2024 Olympic Day" running event at the West Kowloon Cultural District on the day of International Olympic Day. The aim was to promote sports for all and to advocate the Olympic spirit. The event encouraged participation through three pillars: Move, Learn, and Discover. People were encouraged to actively participate (Move), understand the values of the Olympics (Learn), and experience new sports (Discover).
Celebrating Olympic Day: Dairy Fresh Champions Sports and Nutrition in Hong Kong
As an official Olympic partner, Dairy Fresh was committed to supporting and actively participating in the event. The brand not only sent a team to run with Hong Kong athletes and distribute products but also set up game booths to share the joy of sports with the public and athletes while promoting the importance of the natural nutrition in fresh milk.

Since its establishment, Dairy Fresh has been dedicated to excellence in quality. It insists on using high-standard milk sources (raw milk that exceeds EU standards in terms of microbiological and somatic cell specifications), high-standard farms (GAP Level 1 certified farms), and high-standard management (360 quality control checks from the farm to the shelf) to produce high-quality pure fresh milk. The brand continuously improves its products in the industry competition, providing quality milk for discerning consumers and promoting daily health.

The entire production process involves no added ingredients, ensuring 100% pure freshness. This commitment is not only about the quality of each sip but also about consumer health. Raw milk is processed within two hours from the farm to the factory, with the "1-Nano Micro Membrane Fresh-Locking Technology" ensuring the preservation of the milk's original state, maintaining its fresh natural nutrition and rich taste. Transportation is controlled within a 2-6°C cold chain environment, preserving the milk's fresh taste and nutrition and ensuring it meets local safety standards.

Market research revealed that Hong Kong consumers have a high demand for the nutritional value of fresh milk. People are keen on natural, additive-free healthy eating habits, paying special attention to nutritional labels, and understanding the rich natural nutrients in fresh milk, including various quality proteins, native calcium, vitamins, and minerals, which are easily absorbed by the human body, aiding bone growth and maintaining a strong physique.

Dairy Fresh's Classic Gold Edition officially entered the Hong Kong market in March 2024, launching two products: 720ml and 250ml. Each 100ml of 100% fresh milk provides 3.6 grams of native milk protein and 120mg of native high calcium. Available in over a thousand stores, including Wellcome (Market Place and ThreeSixty), ParknShop (Taste and Fusion), AEON supermarkets, China Resources Vanguard, 7-11, and OK Convenience Stores, the products have quickly garnered positive reviews.

In late June, the brand launched Dairy Fresh 4.0 Fresh Milk, offering a higher level of natural nutrition. Each 100ml provides 4.0 grams of native milk protein and 130mg of native high calcium. Each sip offers higher nutritional value, with a richer, smoother texture and a moderately sweet taste, bringing an unexpectedly delightful experience to milk lovers while injecting vitality into the body.
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