USA 17.11.2023

US livestock farmers spoke about the benefits of using soy in animal diets

The main topic of the conference was soybeans, the Americans talked about the benefits of using the crop in the diet of animals and methods of its processing.
US livestock farmers spoke about the benefits of using soy in animal diets

In the United States, soybean meal is used most often in pig farming, dairy farming and poultry farming for meat production.

“Soybean meal contains the highest amount of amino acids, which are essential for animal growth. Soybean meal contains more protein than other types of meal, so it is most easily absorbed by the body. Soybeans are also the easiest to obtain,” explains Dr. Alan F. Pook, explaining the popularity of soybeans in the United States.

People in Kazakhstan are familiar with soybeans; over 200 thousand hectares are annually allocated for its crops in the country. However, the yield leaves much to be desired. If in the USA the average yield is over 30 c/ha, then in Kazakhstan it is 20-21 c/ha. Moreover, high yields are typical only for the Almaty region; in other regions they can only dream of such figures.

“Yield depends on various factors - agronomic knowledge, equipment, moisture level. Soybean is a moisture-loving crop, but there are hybrids that produce crops even in dry times. In crop rotation, the crop is very useful for maintaining the soil. In the USA, corn is alternated with soybeans,” said Dr. Alan F. Pook.

During the conference, experts from the United States also spoke about ways to effectively process soybeans and shared the results of livestock feeding trials.

Torsten Hemme, Founder & Chairman, Dairy expert
Torsten Hemme, Founder & Chairman, Dairy expert
How many people does a NZ dairy farm feed? Answer= 0,18 million. This question was discussed among Fonterra farmers last week in Auckland. Based on the IFCN Dairy Report 2023 it was easy to get the right number.
Angelo Rossi
Angelo Rossi
Managing Director at CLAL
The projections of the EU Agriculture Commission to 2035 point to some general trends: progressively increasing average milk prices, growth in the production of cheese, butter, whey powder, skimmed milk powder (SMP) and cheese-based ingredients.
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