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U.S. Farmers Urge Exclusion of Agriculture from Trade Tensions with China

China 11.06.2024
Source: The DairyNews
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Amid escalating trade tensions with China, U.S. farmers have urged policymakers to exclude agricultural products from the conflict, the American Soybean Association expressed to Reuters. The call comes as recent tariffs imposed by President Joe Biden on various Chinese goods have intensified fears of retaliatory measures that could further destabilize the fragile agricultural trade between the two nations.
U.S. Farmers Urge Exclusion of Agriculture from Trade Tensions with China
Stan Born, Chair of Trade Policy and International Affairs Advocacy at the American Soybean Association, emphasized the importance of agriculture in diplomatic discussions. "I have gone to Washington DC, Capitol Hill and I talk to our legislators, our senators and representatives, I always emphasize with them that this is about food... This is one area that we should keep it separate and keep it clean and not use it as a hammer," he stated during a U.S.-China agriculture cooperation roundtable in Shandong.

The U.S., which produces a surplus of key agricultural goods such as soybeans, sees China as a critical deficit market. However, the ongoing trade disputes initiated during the Trump administration have seen the U.S. lose significant market share to competitors like Brazil and Argentina.

At the roundtable, U.S. grains farmers highlighted their commitment to the Chinese market, underscoring its unparalleled importance to U.S. agriculture. Adam Schindler, U.S. Grains Council Asia Advisory Team Leader, conveyed a message of solidarity to Chinese buyers, emphasizing the strategic value they hold for U.S. producers.

Macey Mueller, Board Director of the United Sorghum Checkoff Programme, acknowledged China's significance while noting that efforts are underway to diversify markets and enhance trade resilience amidst the geopolitical tensions.

This development signals a crucial juncture for U.S. agricultural trade, as industry leaders advocate for diplomacy over disputes in a sector that remains vital to the economic relationship between the United States and China.