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Triple I Invests in Zayith Yoghurt, Boosting Dairy Operations Nationwide

Nigeria 20.02.2024
Source: The DairyNews
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Triple I, a Netherlands-based investment firm dedicated to supporting small and medium-sized enterprises in Sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia, has announced a strategic partnership with Zayith Foods Limited to fuel the growth of dairy operations across Nigeria.
Triple I Invests in Zayith Yoghurt, Boosting Dairy Operations Nationwide
The collaboration focuses on enhancing Zayith's yoghurt processing and distribution capabilities, with Triple I bringing its mission to uplift entrepreneurs and create positive social impacts to the forefront.

Bram Boogaerdt’t Hooft, Director of Triple I, emphasized the firm's commitment to providing tailored, flexible, and cost-effective financial products, showcasing a deep understanding of local contexts and sustained engagement with portfolio companies. The investment aims to empower Zayith in realizing its full business potential.

Uzoma, CEO of Zayith Foods, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, highlighting its potential to facilitate Zayith's expansion throughout Nigeria. The investment is expected to enable Zayith to offer affordable and high-quality dairy products on a national scale. Uzoma emphasized the alignment of Triple I as a partner with Zayith's mission to provide healthy food products across Nigeria.

This marks Triple I's fourth investment in the Nigerian Agribusiness sector, following previous investments in So Fresh Neighbourhood Farm Limited, Abod Success (Executive Choice cashew nuts), and Kennie-O Cold Chain Logistics.

Bram, the Investment Director, reiterated Triple I's belief in Nigerian entrepreneurs and its commitment to providing crucial funding to businesses often facing challenges in accessing financial support. He stated, "These investments serve as crucial avenues to reach low-income individuals and contribute to economic inclusivity. The collaboration between Triple I and Zayith Foods Limited signifies a positive step forward for the agribusiness sector in Nigeria."
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