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“Team spirit is something that truly encompasses the whole of DeLaval”

World 03.07.2024
Source: The DairyNews
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Johanna Bausch, Territory Sales Manager Aftermarket, brings her curiosity and background as a veterinarian to her role as she and her team develop the aftermarket sales in Germany.
“Team spirit is something that truly encompasses the whole of DeLaval”
Johanna began her journey at DeLaval in 2017 after having worked as a veterinarian specialised in dairy cows prior to that. “We did a lot of curative treatments, but I could also see many possibilities to improve the situation on dairy farms through advisory services,” she says.

She felt that DeLaval’s job advertisement looking for an advisor for animal health and hygiene was a great opportunity to learn even more about herd management and advisory services, especially in combination with milking technology. In addition to that, the possibilities that are coming along with biosensors, data analysis, digital services and even more are fascinating. “As DeLaval has global operations, the huge knowledge about different markets and challenges allows you to broaden both your personal and professional horizons,” Johanna says.

“DeLaval is centered around innovation and continuous development, and together with the strong team focus this cemented my decision of wanting to stay at DeLaval. I always got and still get a lot of support fr om my colleagues and managers.”

Today, Johanna is a Territory Sales Manager for DeLaval’s Aftermarket assortment. She manages the district sales team consisting of three District Sales Managers and the advisory team in the region that has three Dairy Advisors and one veterinarian. In addition, there is one position for a dealer development manager vacant. “Equally as important as my responsibilities regarding the operating business is the support of my team and how I can help them in their development.”

The development of her team members and the team spirit have greatly impacted Johanna, who thinks these are the best experiences in DeLaval so far. “Leading a team is an ongoing process of learning, reflecting, and improving. To help other people grow in their personal and professional capabilities is a challenge, but also rewarding. Networking and the team spirit is something that truly encompasses the whole of DeLaval. There are so many people with expert knowledge in their fields who you learn from every day,” Johanna says.

Adapting to the future
Going forward, Johanna is looking forward to many exciting projects and challenges. Both for her team and for the dairy industry. “As the dairy industry changes, so do we. How we operate in the markets and support our customers, dealers, and partners changes. This is both a challenging and interesting process for the next years,” Johanna says. “I’m learning so much every day and in addition I gain new perspectives by talking and listening to my colleagues as well as listening to farmers, dealers and partners across the globe. There hasn’t been one moment wh ere I have felt bored. Going forward, there are many new things for me to learn and develop, which I am very much looking forward to,” Johanna concludes.
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