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Food Union Estonia MD Awarded For Contribution to Development of Agriculture in Estonia

Estonia 15.03.2024
Source: The DairyNews
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At a formal reception commemorating the 106th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia, Estonian Regional Minister Madis Kallas and Chancellor Marko Gorban bestowed ministry medals upon individuals who have significantly contributed to the advancement of agriculture and regional areas.
 Food Union Estonia MD Awarded For Contribution to Development of Agriculture in Estonia
Among the recipients was Aivar Aus, a board member and Managing Director of the Food Union Estonian Business Unit Premia TKH, who was honored with a certificate of appreciation and a silver medal for his outstanding work in advancing the Estonian legacy ice cream maker. In total, 20 individuals were recognized, with 18 receiving silver medals and two receiving gold.

Expressing gratitude on behalf of Premia, Arturs Cirjevskis, CEO of Food Union Europe, stated, "We are deeply humbled and grateful for the silver medal bestowed upon us by the Regional and Agricultural Ministry. This recognition not only celebrates the achievements of Aivar Aus, our esteemed leader in Estonia, but also acknowledges the dedication of every member of our team at Premia who has contributed tirelessly to uphold the quality and excellence of our products. It underscores our collective commitment to innovation and sustainability in the food industry across various markets."

The Estonian Regional and Agricultural Ministry awards medals in two categories: gold and silver. The gold medal honors outstanding contributions to the development of the ministry's governance area, while the silver medal recognizes fruitful collaboration with the ministry or successful initiatives within its scope of governance, including government agencies, state institutions, or specific fields overseen by the ministry.
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