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Blue Ribbon Limited Teams Up with Israeli Experts to Establish State-of-the-Art Dairy Farm in Abia

Nigeria 09.04.2024
Source: The DairyNews
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Abia State is poised to welcome a cutting-edge dairy farm and milk processing facility, marking a significant milestone as the first of its kind in the South East region.
Blue Ribbon Limited Teams Up with Israeli Experts to Establish State-of-the-Art Dairy Farm in Abia
Presently, a comprehensive proposal for the establishment of this pioneering project awaits the approval of Governor Alex Otti.

The brainchild behind this ambitious endeavor is Blue Ribbon Limited, which has forged a strategic partnership with the esteemed Israeli agro-processing firm, Afimilk.

During a recent meeting with Governor Otti, the leadership of Blue Ribbon Limited, headed by Sir Idris Wabara, secured initial endorsement to proceed with plans for the dairy farm.

In a statement issued by the office of the Abia governor, it was revealed that Otti expressed his support pending the finalization of project specifics.

Highlighting the importance of the dairy farm initiative, Wabara emphasized Afimilk's renowned expertise in agriculture, underscoring its potential to bolster Abia State's economic framework and elevate the livelihoods of its populace through enhanced agricultural output.

Wabara outlined the project's objectives, emphasizing the aim to cater to the local market's milk demands while reducing Nigeria's dependency on imported dairy products.

"Our goal is to supply the local market with domestically produced milk, thus conserving foreign currency and fostering local expertise in milk processing," Wabara stated.

He further elucidated the collaborative aspect of the venture, noting the Israelis' commitment to training local talent. This reciprocal arrangement includes plans to train individuals locally and abroad, ensuring mutual benefits for the country.

In essence, the partnership between Blue Ribbon Limited and Afimilk heralds a transformative initiative poised to revolutionize Abia's agricultural landscape while advancing the nation's self-sufficiency in dairy production.
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