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Biotiful Launches Probiotic-Rich Kefir Overnight Oats in UK Stores

Source: The DairyNews
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UK-based Biotiful Dairy, known for its kefir products, is expanding its offerings in the gut health category with the introduction of two new Kefir Overnight Oats variants. These new products, available in Mixed Berry and Spiced Fruit flavors, mark the brand’s innovative move to combine kefir with a popular breakfast choice, making it the first in the market to do so.
Biotiful Launches Probiotic-Rich Kefir Overnight Oats in UK Stores
Each flavor blends the probiotic benefits of kefir, which includes billions of live cultures, calcium, and vitamins, with the dietary fiber of oats and fruits, creating a nutrient-packed breakfast or snack that supports gut health and immunity.

Natasha Bowes, CEO and founder of Biotiful, expressed excitement about the launch: "This is yet another first-to-market launch for Biotiful Gut Health, delivering breakfast with benefits that are both delicious and healthy, specially designed for front-of-store meal deals."

The new Kefir Overnight Oats will be sold in 150g pots, retailing at £1.75 each. Initially, these will be available in ASDA stores starting June 24, with subsequent availability in Co-op Central, Whole Foods Market, and Holland & Barrett from July 1.

The launch taps into the growing consumer awareness of gut health, with Biotiful's research indicating that 74% of UK consumers recognize its importance. This awareness has contributed to a significant 50% growth in kefir sales over the last three years, according to IRI data.

Additionally, the introduction of Biotiful's Kefir Overnight Oats meets a demand for healthier food-to-go options, addressing consumer concerns over high sugar content and artificial ingredients in existing products.

Since its establishment in 2012, Biotiful has been a pivotal player in promoting kefir in the UK, now commanding over 60% of the market share with its kefir drinks and boasting the most extensive range of natural gut health products in the market. This strategic expansion of its product line is set to further cement Biotiful's position as a leader in the UK's nearly £100 million kefir market.
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