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Arla Holds Steady on Conventional Milk Prices for April, Increases Organic Rates

Source: The DairyNews
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Arla, the cooperative dairy giant, has declared that while the price for conventional milk remains unchanged for April 2024, there will be a hike in the rates for organic milk.
Arla Holds Steady on Conventional Milk Prices for April, Increases Organic Rates
Confirming the decision, Arla stated that a quarterly currency adjustment would marginally impact the on-account price for conventional milk by -0.04ppl, whereas the price for organic milk would see a notable increase of 1.34ppl.

Consequently, the manufacturing price for conventional milk in the UK will stand at 40.02p per litre, while organic milk will be priced at 48.68ppl.

Arthur Fearnall, Arla Foods amba board director, expressed that the sector's outlook appears stable, citing a slight decrease in global milk supplies preceding the anticipated spring flush. He also highlighted the steady rise in retail sales and stable commodity markets.

Paul Savage, agriculture director for Arla UK, emphasized the growing demand as the driving force behind the organic milk price surge in the UK. He added, "It is a particularly exciting time for our farmer owners," noting ongoing district meetings and farmer elections across all regions in the UK.

Savage further revealed the company's recent announcement of a significant investment in a cutting-edge mozzarella production facility at their creamery in Taw Valley, Devon. He concluded, "As one of the biggest food companies in the UK, it is only natural that we look for further opportunities to grow and increase the value of our farmer owners’ milk."
C.S. Hagen
C.S. Hagen
award-winning journalist, The Vault
From 1932 until 1940, the milk wars stretched across the Great Plains and beyond, claiming lives and leaving a path of destruction as dairy workers and farmers struggled to survive.
Anay Mridul
Anay Mridul
Green Queen's resident news reporter. Originally from India, he worked as a vegan food writer and editor in London, and is now travelling and reporting from across Asia.
The US Department of Agriculture has just updated its supplemental food as medicine programme for women and children, providing access to more produce and plant-based dairy products to nearly seven million low-income Americans.
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