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Yotvata Dairy Farm Boosts Sustainability and Milk Quality with Mileutis Investment

Israel 29.05.2024
Source: The DairyNews
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Yotvata Dairy has announced a significant investment in Mileutis, an Israeli biopharmaceutical firm, signaling a major commitment to enhancing sustainability and milk quality across its operations.
Yotvata Dairy Farm Boosts Sustainability and Milk Quality with Mileutis Investment
As part of this collaboration, Yotvata Dairy Farm plans to adopt Mileutis's innovative Imilac™ therapy, aiming to eliminate the use of antibiotics in dairy production. This move is expected to revolutionize practices at Yotvata Dairy and other associated dairy farms supplying milk to the company.

This strategic partnership includes the deployment of a state-of-the-art management system for dairy farms, designed to manage commercial operations without the routine use of antibiotics during dry periods and lactation. This system aligns with Mileutis's mission to shift the dairy industry fr om traditional antibiotic reliance to more sustainable and eco-friendly practices.

The collaboration builds on a successful clinical trial wh ere Mileutis's flagship product, Imilac™, proved effective in replacing antibiotics in dairy cows during dry-off periods. Conducted across seven major Israeli dairy farms involving over 500 cows, the trial demonstrated not only the potential to forego routine antibiotic use but also to enhance milk quality and increase yield.

Mileutis's therapies, Imilac™ and Milac™, are pioneering sustainable practices in the dairy industry. These products are designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by boosting milk yield per cow, thus decreasing the carbon footprint per kilogram of milk. They also aim to drastically cut antibiotic use in dairy farming, which is significant given that animals account for about 70% of global antibiotic consumption.

Moreover, these clinical trials have shown that Imilac™ improves the comfort and welfare of dairy cows, which is a key priority for both Yotvata and Mileutis. Additionally, these therapies enhance farmer profitability and contribute to economic access to nutritious food through improved milk quality and yield. The technology utilized in these products ensures that the milk produced is residue-free, elevating the quality of the dairy products.

Mileutis is poised to introduce this therapy to the global dairy market, with potential annual revenues exceeding $1 billion. The residue-free peptide developed by Mileutis addresses growing concerns about milk quality and sustainability in the global dairy industry.

David Javier Iscovich, CEO and co-founder of Mileutis, expressed his enthusiasm about advancing the dairy sector towards sustainability. "Our agreement with Yotvata marks a significant step towards transforming the dairy industry into a sustainable future," he stated.

Ram Srugo, CEO of Yotvata Dairy from the Strauss Group, also highlighted the impact of this partnership: "The collaboration with Mileutis will significantly enhance cow welfare and achieve key sustainability goals. This initiative not only improves milk quality and yield but also supports our commitment to environmental protection and reduced greenhouse gas emissions."