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People involved in the dairy business have no information - Azamat Saginbaev

Kazakhstan 21.09.2023
Source: The DairyNews
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In May 2024, Ankara will host the Dairy Olympics, a key event on the map of the global dairy market. Azamat Saginbaev, executive director of the Republican Chamber of Dairy and Combined Cattle Breeds, participated in this year's Olympics, which took place in Tashkent. The DairyNews learned his impressions of the event.
People involved in the dairy business have no information - Azamat Saginbaev

Azamat, how can you evaluate the Dairy Olympics?

— The feeling from the event is colossal. The fact is that people who are involved in the dairy business now have no information. And here there is a lot of important information on trends in the dairy industry in Russia, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan.

Are there any other interesting topics?

— Yes, industry issues are covered. For example, the development of dairy farming in Kyrgyzstan. Another important topic: what innovative, digital solutions are emerging for the dairy industry. Moreover, the information received can and should be shared with farmers in Kazakhstan, so that they know what new solutions are available for the industry in neighboring countries.

What else is important to you at the event?

— Knowledge, establishing partnerships with other people, meeting new potential business partners.

How will the dairy industry develop in Kazakhstan?

— I think we will soon intensify dairy farming: reducing the number of livestock and increasing the productivity of cows. Gross production will grow and soon it will be necessary to think about milk processing.

The next Dairy Olympics will be held in Ankara, Turkey on May 26-30, 2024. Every year the event brings together “dairy people” from all over the world. It's been 12 years now!

We at Dairy Olympics see our mission as assessing the prospects for the global dairy market, identifying existing threats to the industry, and forecasting potential trends and development opportunities.

Registration for the 2024 Dairy Olympics is available HERE .

For questions, please call: +7 (727) 310-19-16 or email. email: ads@dairynews.today .

The Turkish dairy market is one of the most dynamically developing both in terms of the production of dairy products and the development of production technologies.

The Dairy Olympics is one of the world's largest events, annually bringing together hundreds of representatives of the global dairy industry.

The main goal of the Dairy Olympics is to determine the prospects for the global dairy market, assess existing industry problems, forecast trends that will have the greatest impact on the industry, and search for new opportunities.

Traditionally, leading experts of the global dairy industry, dairy product manufacturing companies and suppliers of the most advanced technological solutions will take part in the Dairy Olympics.

The event is held at a new venue every year, which helps to exchange experiences and share promising practices and solutions with participants from different countries.

Maks Fasteyev
Maks Fasteyev
Dairy Project Partner at INFAGRO Ltd.
Last week, at the invitation of Alexander Anton and the European Dairy Association, I took part in the annual hashtag#EDA Dairy Policy Conference hashtag#NextGenEUDairy.
C.S. Hagen
C.S. Hagen
award-winning journalist, The Vault
From 1932 until 1940, the milk wars stretched across the Great Plains and beyond, claiming lives and leaving a path of destruction as dairy workers and farmers struggled to survive.
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