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Turkey: Milk Collection Plant Launched in Hanenyo

Turkey 04.03.2024
Source: The DairyNews
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A dairy plant has started operating in the Hanenyo region of Kastamonu.
Turkey: Milk Collection Plant Launched in Hanenyo
The plant, opened in the village of Bagdere with the support of the Hanenyo prefecture, the municipality of Hanenyo, the mining district of Acacia, and the rural cooperatives of Kastamonu, has begun collecting milk.

The first milk delivered to the plant was brought by Kenan Dundar, a member of the Küreçayi cooperative.

Erol Akar, the president of the rural cooperatives in Kastamonu, stated in his announcement that the first milk was delivered to the facility today. Akar, who mentioned that 997 liters of milk were delivered to the plant on the first day, said, "I believe that in the coming days, the share of milk here will increase in geometric progression with each passing day. All the best to our district," he said.
Rebecca Marquez
Rebecca Marquez
Director of Custom Research at PMMI
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Keith Woodford
Keith Woodford
principal consultant at Agri food Systems Ltd.
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