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Trewithen Dairy introduces Cornish Barista milk to Tesco Shelves Nationwide

Source: The DairyNews
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Trewithen Dairy has unveiled its latest offering, Cornish Barista Milk, now available in Tesco stores across the UK. Crafted in collaboration with baristas and industry experts, this dairy variant is designed to elevate home coffee experiences with its superior micro-foaming capabilities when steamed.
Trewithen Dairy introduces Cornish Barista milk to Tesco Shelves Nationwide

Boasting a protein content of 3.5% and a fat content of 4%, this milk contains additional cream for a velvety texture and creamy taste, ideal for achieving professional-quality micro-foam at home effortlessly.

Setting itself apart from plant-based alternatives, Cornish Barista Milk is free from thickeners, gums, preservatives, colors, stabilizers, pastes, or added oils, ensuring a pure and natural dairy experience.

Priced at £1.59 per litre, this SKU marks the debut of fresh dairy barista milk in the market, reaffirming Trewithen Dairy's commitment to innovation and quality.

The launch coincides with a growing trend of consumers prioritizing high-quality coffee experiences at home, as highlighted in The World Coffee Portal’s Coffee At Home UK Report 2023. With sales of domestic coffee machines steadily rising by 3.5% to £162.8 million over the past year, the demand for premium coffee ingredients like barista milk is on the rise.

This introduction follows Müller's successful rollout of a barista milk product last year. Müller's Good Stuff Barista Milk, a UHT product with a shelf life of 120 days, signaled a strategic move for the brand to tap into new market segments and strengthen its position in the dairy industry.

As consumers continue to seek premium coffee experiences in the comfort of their homes, Trewithen Dairy's Cornish Barista Milk emerges as a compelling choice, delivering unrivaled quality and flavor to coffee enthusiasts nationwide.

Photo by thegrocer.co.uk