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The former Russian subsidiary of Danone is interested in supplying products to Africa and the Middle East

Russia 08.07.2024
Source: The DairyNews
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Yakub Zakriev, director of H&N, formerly "Danone Russia," spoke about the company's interest in supplying to countries in Africa and the Middle East. He reported this in an interview with the Russian publication Milknews, as relayed by DairyNews.today.
The former Russian subsidiary of Danone is interested in supplying products to Africa and the Middle East
"I can say with absolute confidence that over the past year, our company has achieved very good results in terms of sales volume, market share, and overcoming the challenges dictated by our reality. We have successfully localized brands, the company's name, and information systems. In the short term, we are focused on optimally using our production capacities considering the growing market needs, and on localizing components, systems, and materials. The first results are already there. Raw materials, including non-dairy, and packaging are 98% domestic. Overall, H&N has very good potential for development: a federal network of factories that most market players do not have, an extensive and efficient distribution system, a technological base, strong brands, as well as a professional and passionate team of employees. We intend to use all these advantages to grow in the market stronger and faster," Yakub Zakriev stated in the interview.

The company representative noted that the immediate task is to build a working model with the CIS countries.

"Firstly, there is a large population in these countries that is well acquainted with some of our brands. Secondly, these countries are close to us, which is convenient from a logistics point of view. Regarding the product portfolio, we are currently focusing on the current assortment. The next step will be to assess the possibility of developing specific product categories for this territory. Our plans include working with SCM and SOM, and for exports, we are interested in countries in North Africa, the Middle East, including Saudi Arabia," Yakub Zakriev emphasized.

Earlier we wrote: Danone Finalizes Sale of EDP Business in Russia to Vamin R LLC.
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