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India 09.02.2024

Sindh Government Initiates Long-Pending Dairy and Meat Processing Zone Project

Source: The DairyNews
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The Sindh government is set to commence the much-anticipated project of establishing a dairy and meat processing zone to stimulate exports of dairy and meat products.
Sindh Government Initiates Long-Pending Dairy and Meat Processing Zone Project
While the provincial government had approved the project years ago, its implementation faced delays; however, a renewed commitment now propels the initiation of the project.

Estimated to cost Rs1.5 billion, the facility aims to target both local and international markets. Initially spanning 1,300 acres of land, an additional 1,200 acres will be incorporated later. Located 58 kilometers from Karachi airport and 78 kilometers from the Karachi port, the zone will house milk-processing plants, chilling units, feed mills, a livestock and fodder market, slaughterhouses, and a meat-processing facility.

The dairy and meat-processing zone will feature its own drainage and waste disposal system, complete with on-site sewage treatment. As part of the project, a 16-kilometer access road linking the facility with the National Highway will be constructed. Included in the Annual Development Programme, the project aims to address the fodder shortage in the region, particularly in certain months.

Despite fodder challenges, Sindh province maintains relatively higher average milk productivity levels compared to other provinces. The livestock sub-sector, contributing 23% to the country's livestock population, encounters fodder shortages during specific months. The province's vast irrigated farm area, ranging from 85 to 90%, presents potential for fodder and crop residue supply to the livestock population. However, the report highlights that this strength has not been fully utilized, affecting both the livestock and crop sub-sectors.

While irrigated areas predominantly host cows and buffaloes, unirrigated regions primarily raise sheep and goats. Large-scale cattle colonies in Karachi and specific areas offer valuable insights for the livestock development plan in Sindh, despite their current operational distinctions. The initiation of the dairy and meat processing zone project is expected to harness the untapped potential in the region.
Becky Smith
Becky Smith
Analyst (Livestock) AHDB
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Keith Woodford
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