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Oikos, Too Good & Co., and Activia Are Redefining Snacking with Athlete Partnerships

USA 22.05.2024
Source: The DairyNews
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As modern schedules continue to intensify, convenience remains a cornerstone for daily nutrition.
Oikos, Too Good & Co., and Activia Are Redefining Snacking with Athlete Partnerships
Oikos®, Too Good & Co.™, and Activia® by Danone are leading the way in convenient nutritional solutions with their range of drinkable yogurts and dairy drinks, designed for consumption on the move. These brands have partnered with distinguished female athletes like track star Sha'Carri Richardson, gymnastics standout Jordan Chiles, and soccer professional Kristie Mewis, emphasizing that their products cater to every schedule with high protein, gut health support, and reduced sugar options to sustain your daily endeavors.

Recent market research underscores the trend, revealing that 72% of consumers snack daily, with 30% using snacks as a pre- or post-exercise energy boost. These insights have propelled Oikos, Too Good & Co., and Activia to innovate and meet these specific consumer preferences with products offering high protein, reduced sugar, and probiotics.

Victoria Badiola, Vice President of Greek & Functional Nutrition at Danone North America, notes, "For those constantly on the move, we understand the need for snacks that are not only convenient but also health-conscious. We're proud to collaborate with accomplished athletes like Sha'Carri, Jordan, and Kristie, who embody our commitment to excellence in both performance and nutrition."

The launch of Oikos Pro® Shots and Drinks epitomizes this commitment, delivering high protein and essential nutrients with zero added sugar, ensuring strength in every sip. These products are now available at select retailers and will be more widely accessible throughout the summer.

Moreover, Too Good & Co. offers Smoothies that are flavorful yet low in sugar, providing a light, nutritious option that complements a hectic lifestyle. Similarly, Activia® has introduced its Dailies line, a series of low-fat yogurt drinks infused with probiotics to support digestive health, convenient for on-the-go consumption.

These initiatives represent each brand's dedication to providing healthful, practical snacking solutions that align with today's dynamic lifestyles and diverse dietary needs.
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