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Following participation in the dairy conference EDA

Ukraine 17.04.2024
Source: The DairyNews
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Last week, at the invitation of Alexander Anton and the European Dairy Association, I took part in the annual hashtag#EDA Dairy Policy Conference hashtag#NextGenEUDairy.
Following participation in the dairy conference EDA
The event in Brussels gathered over 150 dairy executives and experts from Europe and beyond, so lot of discussions and meeting were provided. In the addition it was a pleasure to meet the EDA team in their office and to have constructive meetings with officials from DG AGRI and DG NEAR.

The main messages of my presentation, and of the negotiations in general, were aptly emphasized by the EDA:

???? "The third speaker of the first session, Maks Fasteyev, spoke about the state of the Ukrainian dairy sector, its challenges during the ongoing Russian war, and its potential to become a strong, competitive industry within the EU's Common Market".

Despite the challenges and horrors faced by Ukrainian society and business during the hashtag#war, my goal was to convey that the Ukrainian dairy sector continues operate improving knowledge and efficiency, reinvesting at all levels of the dairy chain, maintaining energy autonomy and resilience, launching new production sites (farms) and modern consumer products. Once again, these are all achievements during the war, so it is always very easy for me to emphasize the heroism of Ukrainian business, including dairy.

???????? We look not only at today and tomorrow, but also at the future. Therefore, hashtag#EU membership is only a matter of time for Ukraine. Over the past six months, this topic has been a cross-cutting theme for the Ukrainian dairy sector at all conferences and meetings, so I am pleased that I could present to my European colleagues the project of the European Integration Committee of the Dairy Sector, which will be a tool to strengthen Ukrainian business on the way to the EU Common Market.

???? The opening of the EU market in the summer of 2022 saved the Ukrainian dairy industry and made it possible to reinvest the funds generated from export activities and, accordingly, the growth of purchase prices for raw milk (mainly due to the difference in domestic market prices - devaluation - and foreign market prices - global inflation). Now we also need support from our partners, both through existing instruments (hashtag#UkraineFacility) and through sectoral investments in the transformation of the sector and in the development of domestic demand and export potential.
Andrey Dykun
Andrey Dykun
"All-Ukrainian agrarian Council" / Ukrainian Agri Council. Charitable foundation SaveUA.in.Ua
I recently wrote about a conference where the results of the joint project of the All-Ukrainian Agrarian Council (VAR) with the USAID AGRO Program were summarized. Today, as a result of this event, the All-Ukrainian Agrarian Council, on behalf of the agrarians affected by the war, appealed to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine with a request to support the agricultural sector in the occupied and frontline regions.
Torsten Hemme, Founder & Chairman, Dairy expert
Torsten Hemme, Founder & Chairman, Dairy expert