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EU Maintains Schedule on Deforestation Law Despite Calls for Delay

Source: The DairyNews
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The European Union is standing firm on its decision to implement a groundbreaking deforestation law by December 30, despite resistance from various industries and countries, including the United States.
EU Maintains Schedule on Deforestation Law Despite Calls for Delay
This legislation will compel companies trading in products like soy, beef, coffee, and palm oil within the 27-member bloc to verify that their supply chains do not contribute to deforestation. Additionally, EU companies will be prohibited from exporting products cultivated on deforested lands.

Pressure to postpone the enforcement of the policy has been significant. The U.S. government and several industry groups, including the Confederation of European Paper Industries (CEPI), have raised concerns. They argue that the EU has not fully developed the systems required to manage the ban effectively. Jori Ringman, CEPI's Director General, expressed particular difficulties for industries like book publishing, which faces challenges in tracing paper sources back to potentially thousands of forest plots.

Despite these concerns, European Environment Commissioner Virginijus Sinkevicius, in a letter dated July 2, indicated that there would be no delay. While acknowledging the challenges of preparation for the new regulations, Sinkevicius noted positive developments across various sectors and countries aligning with the EU Deforestation Regulation (EUDR) requirements. He also mentioned that an online system for companies to submit their due diligence statements is currently in development.

The resistance to the deforestation law highlights a split among EU lawmakers and member states, some of whom have advocated for a delay even after the law was initially passed with wide support last year. However, Denmark’s Environment Minister, Magnus Heunicke, has urged the European Commission to push forward with the policy, emphasizing its potential to significantly impact the global fight against deforestation. Heunicke called for the rapid completion of the technical systems necessary for the law's implementation.
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