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Advancing Ireland's Dairy Beef Sector: Launch of €25 Million Support Scheme

Ireland 02.04.2024
Source: The DairyNews
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Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Charlie McConalogue T.D., has unveiled a groundbreaking initiative aimed at bolstering the dairy beef sector in Ireland.
Advancing Ireland's Dairy Beef Sector: Launch of €25 Million Support Scheme
Dubbed the Dairy Beef Welfare Scheme (DBWS), this ambitious program boasts a substantial budget of €25 million spread across four years, with co-funding from the EU as part of the CAP Strategic Plan.

The DBWS forms a pivotal component of a comprehensive ten-point Action Plan geared towards propelling the growth of Ireland's dairy-beef sector.

At its core, the DBWS is a breeding initiative designed to empower farmers in optimizing the quality of their dairy beef calves through the utilization of superior genetic stock. Participants are encouraged to employ artificial insemination (AI) straws or stock bulls boasting a minimum rating of 3 stars on both the ICBF Dairy Beef Index (DBI) and the beef sub-index of the DBI.

Under the scheme's provisions, eligible farmers stand to receive a payment of €20 per qualified calf, up to a maximum of 50 calves per holding.

Minister McConalogue emphasized the profound benefits that stem from integrating the beef and dairy herds, a cornerstone facilitated by the DBWS. He highlighted the scheme's focus on employing high DBI index sires, which translates to enhanced Commercial Beef Value (CBV) in progeny.

In elucidating the alignment of the DBWS with his overarching strategy for sectoral development, Minister McConalogue underscored its pivotal role in fulfilling commitments outlined in the Ten-Point Action Plan for Dairy Calf to Beef Systems. He stressed the significance of leveraging high-genetic-merit sires to yield calves boasting superior CBVs, thereby enhancing carcass value and expediting slaughter age.
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