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Ireland 20.12.2023

Wicklow Calf Company Secures Contract for 1,000 Heifers in Lebanon

Source: The DairyNews
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Wicklow Calf Company, in collaboration with South East Dairy Stock, has successfully inked a contract to provide a substantial market in Lebanon with 1,000 Irish dairy heifers.
Wicklow Calf Company Secures Contract for 1,000 Heifers in Lebanon
A spokesperson from Wicklow Calf Company confirmed the recent dispatch of multiple truckloads of maiden and in-calf heifers to Lebanon, utilizing European ports and sea routes from Spain and Croatia. The contract, spanning 1,000 heifers, is set to commence selections on Tuesday, December 19.

Customers from the Lebanese market are scheduled to visit Ireland on December 19 to assess the livestock and export facilities firsthand.

Wicklow Calf Company revealed that several North African countries have expressed keen interest in procuring Irish dairy breeding stock. The heightened demand is attributed to disruptions in the European market caused by recent Bluetongue outbreaks, restricting the availability of stock from affected countries.

To meet the requirements of the contract, Wicklow Calf Company and South East Dairy Stock are actively acquiring both maiden and in-calf dairy breeding stock. Interested farmers looking to contribute to this endeavor can get in touch with either Wicklow Calf Company or South East Dairy Stock.
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