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TurtleTree debuts first-ever animal-free lactoferrin—one of milk’s most valuable and functional proteins—in world-first tasting

New Zealand 21.09.2023
Source: www.prnewswire.com
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Known affectionately as "pink gold," TurtleTree premiers its highly-prized, health-boosting, pink-hued protein—LF+—in an exclusive tasting before 2023 market entry.
TurtleTree debuts first-ever animal-free lactoferrin—one of milk’s most valuable and functional proteins—in world-first tasting

TurtleTree, a global leader in animal-free functional dairy proteins, is set to unveil LF+, the world's first precision fermentation-produced lactoferrin, a potent bioactive milk protein with numerous health benefits. Dubbed "pink gold" for its high value and distinctive pink hue, LF+ offers immunity, iron regulation, and digestive health advantages. TurtleTree will showcase LF+ during an exclusive tasting event in San Francisco, providing investors and food partners with a sneak peek into its potential before its official market launch later this year.

While lactoferrin is naturally present in cow's milk, its low concentration and resource-intensive extraction processes make it challenging to access, with prices ranging from $700 to $1,500 USD per kilogram. TurtleTree's precision fermentation method eliminates the need for methane-emitting cows in the lactoferrin supply chain, offering an abundant, sustainable, and cost-effective source of this valuable nutrient. This breakthrough enables the fortification of plant-based dairy products and other foods, ensuring lactoferrin's benefits are accessible to all.

After its commercial launch anticipated in Q4 2023, TurtleTree expects to achieve profitability within six to 12 months per unit. This pioneering technology aligns with the mission of transforming the food system by offering sustainable, nutritious, and affordable food choices.

TurtleTree Founder and CEO Fengru Lin emphasized the importance of making vital nutrients available to a broader population through everyday food products, promoting sustainable nutrition. Investors like KBW Ventures Founder and CEO Prince Khaled bin Alwaleed recognize the potential of TurtleTree's innovation in shaping the future of food. The Good Food Institute Co-Founder and President Bruce Friedrich praised the breakthrough for creating sustainable and nutritious alternatives in the food industry.

TurtleTree's precision fermentation technology marks a significant step toward a more sustainable and nutritionally balanced future in food.

LF+-powered sorbet, plant-based milk, & sparkling water deliver delicious, unadulterated flavor coupled with health-boosting benefits.

*About TurtleTree*

TurtleTree is a biotechnology company focused on creating sustainable and nutritious foods using precision fermentation technology. Their initial breakthrough involves producing lactoferrin, a bioactive milk protein that enhances the nutritional value of both plant-based and conventional food products.

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