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Italy 13.02.2024

No Colorful Gorgonzola in the Pipeline, - Antonio Auricchio

Source: The DairyNews
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Recent reports circulated by some news agencies highlighted a study conducted by Professor Paul Dyer from the University of Nottingham, featured in Npj Science of Food.
No Colorful Gorgonzola in the Pipeline, - Antonio Auricchio
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The study proposed the possibility of future Gorgonzola having yellow-green veins or even adopting hues of pink or reddish-brown.

Antonio Auricchio, the president of the Gorgonzola Consortium, felt compelled to provide clarification on this matter.

"I believe there is a considerable misconception that, as a protection consortium, motivates us to set the record straight. It's crucial not to conflate Gorgonzola PDO with blue cheeses. While our Gorgonzola undeniably belongs to the broader global family of cheeses known as 'blue cheese' in English, these terms should not be used interchangeably. English studies, suggesting the production of cheeses with fancifully colored veins, do not apply to Gorgonzola, which is a PDO product crafted under stringent production guidelines that precisely dictate its appearance and color. Article 3 of the specification distinctly outlines that Gorgonzola Dop paste must be 'unified, straw-white in color, with spots for mold development featuring greenish-blue and/or gray-blue veins.'"
Becky Smith
Becky Smith
Analyst (Livestock) AHDB
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Keith Woodford
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