Moby's Latest Music Video Exposes the Dark Side of Animal Agriculture

Source: Vegan Food & Living
Renowned singer and vocal vegan activist Moby has used his latest music video to shed light on the "tragic horrors" of animal agriculture, specifically targeting the meat and dairy industry. The reworked track, a rendition of Cream's "We're Going Wrong," features an animated video that unfolds a poignant narrative.
Moby's Latest Music Video Exposes the Dark Side of Animal Agriculture
Vegan Food & Living

The video begins with a heart-wrenching scene of a mother cow being separated from her baby for slaughter on a dairy farm. The baby manages to escape, avoiding harm from an intimidating group of men, but their destinies are tragically sealed. The next scene portrays the mother and baby reunited in heaven, joined by the millions of other cows victimized by the animal agriculture industry.

Moby, a long-time vegan and advocate for a compassionate lifestyle since 1987, expressed his motivation behind the video in a statement to Vegan Food & Living. He emphasized his commitment to using his platform to address the distressing realities of meat and dairy production, describing the animated video as a "heartbreakingly poignant" representation of these issues.

The idea for covering the song originated several years ago when Moby was sorting through his vinyl records to raise funds for the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM), a network of plant-based doctors. Struck by the plaintive beauty of the track and its relevance to the current moment, Moby decided to create a powerful visual narrative to convey his message.

In an exclusive interview with Vegan Food & Living, Moby shared the story of his vegan journey, dating back to 1987. He recalled a pivotal moment during his punk rock days with The Vatican Commandos when the band stayed at a vegan squat in Akron, Ohio—an experience that exposed him to veganism.

Transitioning from vegetarianism to veganism, Moby cited the paradox of loving animals while consuming meat as a driving force. Inspired by the book "Diet for a New America" by John Robbins and a deeper understanding of animal sentience, Moby made the conscious choice to adopt a fully vegan lifestyle.

Now, after 35 years, Moby stands as a vegan icon, activist, and producer of the film "Punk Rock Vegan Movie." Through his music and advocacy, he continues to use his influence to raise awareness about the ethical and environmental implications of animal agriculture, encouraging others to consider a more compassionate way of living.

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