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Kazakhstan 29.11.2023

Global butter consumption will increase by 19% by 2026 - Evgenia Bunos

Source: The DairyNews
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Evgenia Bunos, head of the France Group Consulting Bureau and an expert in the field of international trade and foreign trade, presented at AqAltyn a presentation “A new look at a traditional product from France. With love". In her presentation, Evgenia Bunos focused on the experience of butter production, The DairyNews reports.
Global butter consumption will increase by 19% by 2026 - Evgenia Bunos

According to Eugenia Bunos, 354 thousand tons of butter were produced in France in 2020. Imports amounted to 175,000 tons, exports - 68,000 tons. France ranks second among butter producers in the EU (24 billion liters of cow's milk in 2020) and first in butter consumption in the world (8 kg per consumer per year). Evgenia Bunos recalled that to produce 1 kg of butter you need 22 kg of milk.

The OECD forecasts that global butter consumption will increase by 19% by 2026, with analysts noting growing demand for organic butter. Consumers are increasingly interested in oils with various fillings: oil + garlic + herbs, oil + honey, oil + fruit puree, oil + ingredients (nuts, dried fruits), oil + yogurt (25%).

The most famous French brands of butter, as noted by an expert from France: Président, Elle & Vire, Paysan Breton, Bridel and others.

What is the experience of butter production in the EAEU countries?

As Evgenia Bunos said, in Russia in 2022, the production of butter amounted to 312.6 thousand tons. The wholesale price for butter in Russia in July 2023 is 471,192 rubles per ton excluding VAT. The average retail price for butter in Russia as of August 2023 is 820.4 rubles per kg.

As for Belarus, in January-March 2022 the country earned $102,602.9 thousand from the export of butter. At the same time, the minimum cost of supplying butter with a fat content of 80% and higher in Belarus was 530 rubles per kg, and with a fat content of 72% to 80% - 480 rubles per kg.

In January 2023, Kazakhstan purchased 568 tons of butter and other fats and oils: from Belarus - in the amount of 1.9 thousand tons, from Russia - 692.7 tons, from France - 169.9 tons and from Kyrgyzstan - 100.3 tons.

The expert briefly presented European technologies for modern cheese production :

- equipment for the production of hard and semi-hard cheeses with low and high second heating temperatures,

- equipment for the production of soft cheeses, blue cheeses, cream cheeses,

- equipment for the production of mozzarella, ricotta, casseri, kashkaval and other cheeses.

As for French technologies for the production of butter and spreads , they are divided into cold mixing technologies for the production of: light butter mj 60%, spread with a total mj 82% and with a share of vegetable fats up to 35% (VF/TF), spread with a total mj 60% and with a share of vegetable fats up to 35% (VF/TF), spread with a total MJ of 41% and with a share of vegetable fats up to 35% (VF/TF), as well as the production of butter from fresh cream or reconstituted butter.

The I International Conference AqAltyn - Dairy Industry of Kazakhstan was held on November 28, 2023 in Turkestan, Kazakhstan.

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