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Lost Sheep Coffee Introduces Traceable, Specialty Grade RTD Iced Coffees

USA 21.05.2024
Source: The DairyNews
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Lost Sheep Coffee, a UK-based coffee roaster, has launched a new line of Ready-To-Drink (RTD) iced coffees, boasting barista-quality and specialty-grade standards.
Lost Sheep Coffee Introduces Traceable, Specialty Grade RTD Iced Coffees
The new offerings include mocha and latte flavors, crafted using the company’s signature blend, Get To The Hopper, which features beans fr om Paranaiba, Brazil, and Huila, Colombia. These beans are meticulously hand-roasted in Whitstable, UK, to produce a rich, chocolatey caramel profile.

Both RTD varieties are made with skimmed milk, containing fewer than 85 calories per can, aligning with the growing consumer preference for healthier beverage options. Additionally, these products offer full traceability from "farm to can," a rare feature in the RTD coffee market.

Stuart Wilson, founder of Lost Sheep Coffee, highlighted the unique position of the product in the UK market, wh ere no other brand offers a milk-based, specialty-grade coffee with such traceability in an RTD format. Unlike many competitors that use instant coffee, Lost Sheep Coffee utilizes the highest quality beans available, sourced from elevated regions in Brazil and Colombia.

This commitment to quality and traceability sets the brand apart in the RTD category, promising to revolutionize it with competitively priced, specialty-grade options. Wilson also mentioned plans to expand the product line to include RTD coffees with added functional benefits, such as protein and vitamins, catering further to health-conscious consumers.

The RTD iced coffees are now available at various retailers across the UK, priced at £2.20 per can.