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Ireland 25.01.2024

Irish Organic Milk Suppliers Co-op Attains Producer Organisation Status

Source: The DairyNews
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The Irish Organic Milk Suppliers Co-op (IOMS) has achieved official recognition as a producer organisation (PO) by the Department of Agriculture, Food, and the Marine (DAFM), marking a significant milestone for the organic dairy sector in Ireland.
Irish Organic Milk Suppliers Co-op Attains Producer Organisation Status
IOMS, now the country's first dairy producer organisation, comprises approximately 70 to 80 organic dairy farms. Despite the sector currently contributing about 1% to Ireland's total milk pool, concerns about its viability have been voiced by producers due to cost inflation and stagnant milk prices.

Gavin Lynch, Chair of IOMS, expressed delight at DAFM's approval, emphasizing the importance of addressing the imbalance between producers and processors in the organic dairy industry. Lynch highlighted the challenges faced by organic dairy farmers over the past two years, urging collaborative efforts to find a sustainable and profitable path forward.

Emphasizing cooperation over confrontation, Lynch sees the formal establishment of a producer organisation as an opportunity for organic milk processors and farmers to engage positively. The IOMS producer organisation aims to contribute by mapping organic milk production, ensuring minimum supply volumes, and providing a platform for processors to express their concerns.

Established last year, IOMS represents a majority of Ireland's organic dairy farmers, uniting to address sector-specific issues. The recognition as a producer organisation signifies a step forward in fostering collaboration between producers and processors for the sustainable growth of the organic dairy sector.
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