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Full Cream Milk Gains Popularity in Australia, Surpassing Low-Fat Varieties

Australia 04.01.2024
Source: The DairyNews
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Dairy Australia reports a significant shift in milk preferences among Australians, with an increasing number favoring full cream milk over low-fat or skim alternatives.
Full Cream Milk Gains Popularity in Australia, Surpassing Low-Fat Varieties
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Supermarket sales data compiled by the national dairy industry body reveals a remarkable 10% surge in full cream milk sales over the past decade, consolidating its dominance in the dairy milk market.

In 2011–12, full cream milk accounted for 60% of all dairy milk sales, a figure that has surged to 71% by 2021–22. The changing trend indicates a departure from low-fat or skim varieties, signaling a shift in consumer perceptions of what is considered a healthy choice.

Dairy Australia's marketing strategy manager and dietitian, Glenys Zucco, attributes this transformation to evolving research findings challenging the notion that all saturated fats are detrimental to health. She notes that a decade ago, full-fat dairy was linked to concerns about cholesterol and heart disease. However, recent research suggests that the saturated fats in regular full-fat dairy products differ in their impact on heart disease risk compared to saturated fats found in other food categories.

Despite an overall drop in butter sales, there was a modest increase during pandemic-related isolation, as consumers embraced home cooking. The shift in consumer habits is further reflected in the growth of cheese consumption, which rose from 13.4 kilograms to 15 kilograms per capita in the past 12 months. While cheddar remains the most popular cheese in Australia, non-cheddar varieties such as mozzarella and specialty cheeses have also experienced growth.

The return to traditional dairy staples, reminiscent of the 1970s and 80s, is evident as consumers reevaluate the health implications of fats and appreciate the taste and performance of these products in cooking. Despite the increased demand for various dairy products during COVID-19, fresh drinking milk remains the most popular variety among consumers.

Flavored dairy milk, particularly iced coffees, is also witnessing a steady rise in sales. South Australia stands out, leading the trend by consuming two to three times the national average of flavored dairy milk. The popularity of these beverages, especially in small stores, emphasizes the enduring appeal of traditional dairy products and their role in consumers' daily routines.
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