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USA 22.12.2023

Emmi opens a new cheese conversion facility in the US

Source: The DairyNews
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Emmi Group is making a bold move to elevate its specialty cheese business in the US, the largest export market, with the opening of a new cheese conversion facility in Stoughton, Wisconsin.
Emmi opens a new cheese conversion facility in the US
Spanning over 14,600 square meters, this sustainable facility reinforces Emmi's position in the US specialty cheese market and creates avenues for selling imported Swiss cheese.

The investment aligns with Emmi's century-old tradition of combining craftsmanship with unique flavors, exceptional quality, and innovation. By consolidating its speciality cheese pillar in the largest export market, Emmi aims to bring innovations to market swiftly and respond with enhanced flexibility to customer demands, says Ricarda Demarmels, CEO of Emmi Group.

Emmi Roth, the US subsidiary, already operates three production facilities in Wisconsin, supplying high-quality speciality cheeses to nationwide retail and food service customers. Since acquiring Athenos, the US feta market leader in 2021, Emmi Roth has leveraged synergies in market cultivation and distribution, leading to the necessity of expanding conversion and distribution capacity.

The new facility promises increased internal value creation, positioning Emmi Roth as a more innovative and agile player in the market. By converting and packaging cheese in-house, efficiency will rise, and conversion and logistics procedures will be streamlined. The shortened journeys will not only boost efficiency but also reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with internal processes. Powered by electrical energy, the facility aligns with Emmi's netZERO 2050 target. Moreover, it creates around 125 ergonomic workspaces, promoting a sustainable and employee-friendly environment.

Emmi's strategic move combines tradition, innovation, and sustainability, promising a cheesier future in the US market.
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