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Canada 08.02.2024

Danone Canada Answers the Call for Protein-Packed Plant-Based Options with Silk Greek-Style Yogurt

Source: The DairyNews
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In response to the escalating demand for protein-rich plant-based alternatives, Danone Canada's Silk brand introduces a new addition to its product line – Greek-style, plant-based yogurt crafted with locally sourced pea protein.
Danone Canada Answers the Call for Protein-Packed Plant-Based Options with Silk Greek-Style Yogurt
Boasting flavors such as Vanilla and Key Lime, each 175g serving of these dairy-free delights delivers an impressive 12 grams of protein.

T his latest expansion aligns with the increasing consumer preference for plant-based choices that not only cater to dietary needs but also embrace sustainable and locally sourced ingredients. The strategic decision to exclusively utilize Canadian pea protein in the production process is particularly noteworthy, addressing challenges faced by North American pea protein producers amid a surge of low-cost imports from Asian markets.

Navigating Challenges in the Pea Protein Market:
While pea protein has gained popularity in the plant-based protein sector due to its hypoallergenic properties and complete amino acid profile, the North American market is currently grappling with an influx of inexpensive pea protein from Asian sources.

Reports indicate that Chinese companies are flooding the US market with high protein content (HPC) pea protein at prices below fair market value, backed by substantial financial support from the Chinese government. This surge poses a threat to the stability of the domestic pea protein supply chain.

This move not only meets consumer expectations for protein intake but also aligns with the desire for products sourced and produced within the country, reported Danone Canada.

Strategic Portfolio Expansion:
Having acquired Silk through the purchase of WhiteWave Foods in 2016, Danone has consistently expanded its plant-based portfolio, including renowned dairy alternative brands like Alpro and So Delicious. The company's commitment to enhancing production capabilities, evident through a $65 million investment in Jacksonville, Florida, highlights its dedication to meeting evolving consumer preferences, particularly in the coffee and creamer segment.

Enhancements and Availability:
Alongside the launch of the pea protein yogurt, Silk has revamped its coconut plant-based yogurt range, introducing improved recipes, new flavors, and sizes. These enhanced products, along with the new Greek-style yogurt, are now available in major retailers across Ontario and are set to roll out in stores nationwide. Danone Canada continues to cater to the evolving tastes of consumers, delivering both innovation and sustainability in the plant-based dairy alternative space.
Becky Smith
Becky Smith
Analyst (Livestock) AHDB
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Keith Woodford
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