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Danish food tech firm FÆRM secures €1.3m funding to advance vegan cheese innovation

Denmark 21.05.2024
Source: The DairyNews
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FÆRM, a pioneering Danish food tech company, has recently secured €1.3M in funding from the BioInnovation Institute, a Danish research foundation. This injection of capital will fuel FÆRM's ongoing efforts to develop and produce its innovative range of vegan cheese products. With a mission to "revolutionize and democratize plant-based cheese," FÆRM is committed to pushing the boundaries of vegan cheesemaking.
Danish food tech firm FÆRM secures €1.3m funding to advance vegan cheese innovation

Employing a blend of patented food science and traditional dairy cheesemaking techniques, FÆRM aims to usher in the next generation of plant-based cheeses. A significant breakthrough for the company has been the successful coagulation of soy milk into cheese curds through fermentation and maturation—a feat previously deemed challenging.

A spokesperson for FÆRM elaborated on their approach, stating, "We have developed and patented a completely different way of making plant-based cheese, which is actually a variation of the same way you make regular cheese – namely with the help of enzymes that cause the milk to curdle and microorganisms that build the flavor profile and add functionality." By utilizing soy milk augmented with additional oil and sugar as a lactose substitute, FÆRM has effectively translated dairy technology to plant-based alternatives.

Already, FÆRM has introduced fresh mozzarella, brie, and cream cheese crafted from soy. However, the company intends to expand its repertoire by incorporating other legumes to create nutritionally dense and soy-free cheese varieties. Moreover, FÆRM plans to license its patented technology to other companies, fostering broader innovation within the vegan cheese industry.

With this recent funding infusion, FÆRM is poised to drive further advancements in vegan cheese production, offering consumers innovative and sustainable alternatives to traditional dairy products.