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Chesapeake Utilities Launches RNG Production at Full Circle Dairy

USA 27.06.2024
Source: The DairyNews
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Chesapeake Utilities Corporation has successfully commenced the first renewable natural gas (RNG) injections from its groundbreaking facility at Full Circle Dairy in Madison County, Florida. This initiative is managed by FPU Renewables and parent company Florida Public Utilities Company, both subsidiaries of Chesapeake Utilities.
Chesapeake Utilities Launches RNG Production at Full Circle Dairy
The initiation of RNG injections marks the operational phase of the Company’s inaugural RNG development project. This project saw the construction and operationalization of a dairy manure-to-biogas RNG facility, which began injecting its first RNG earlier this month at the Radio Avenue site in Yulee, Florida. The facility’s first month saw approximately 4,700 dekatherms of RNG captured and transported for injection by Marlin Gas Services, another Chesapeake subsidiary.

Justin Stankiewicz, general manager at Chesapeake, remarked on the project's alignment with the company's long-standing commitment to operational excellence and innovation in the energy sector. "This project not only reinforces our strong operational foundation but also underscores our integral role in the RNG value chain, from production through to distribution," he said.

The RNG facility, which started construction in February 2023, is designed to harness methane from dairy cow manure. It is expected to generate around 100,000 dekatherms of RNG annually, reflecting a significant $22 million capital investment. The facility aims to capture and convert about 1,116 metric tons of methane annually into RNG, which is equivalent to reducing 27,900 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions. According to the EPA’s greenhouse gas equivalencies calculator, these reductions are akin to removing over 6,000 gasoline-powered cars from the road for a year or offsetting the annual energy use of more than 3,500 homes.

The Yulee injection point, constructed in 2023, has been specifically upgraded to accommodate RNG, enabling its integration into the existing pipeline system. This upgrade supports the rising energy demands of Nassau County and highlights the growing shift towards renewable energy sources in the region.
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