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Blitz Interview with Sergey Kiselev, Head of Research and Development at AlAin Farms

World 19.04.2024
Source: The DairyNews
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Sergey Kiselev, the head of research and development at AlAin Farms, will participate in the business program of the XV Dairy Olympics on May 28 as part of the "Dairy Products of the Future" section. The DairyNews correspondent asked several questions to the expert about sector trends and participation in the upcoming event.
Blitz Interview with Sergey Kiselev, Head of Research and Development at AlAin Farms
DN: Please tell us, what attracted you to the business program and the concept of the "Dairy Olympics" event?

I'm interested in learning about other participants' visions for the future of the dairy industry. Additionally, the event's concept allows for identifying the needs of regional markets and opportunities for their implementation.

Expanding business connections and forming partnerships with other market players are also significant.

DN: You represent a company at the forefront of innovation in the dairy and food industry. What are the three main trends you would identify in the sector of modern dairy products?

In the sector of modern dairy products, there are various trends. Among the main and most sustainable trends, we include the following:
  • Functional and health-beneficial products
  • High-protein dairy products
  • Elimination of food additives, clean labeling, and the use of organically sourced raw materials
  • Environmentally friendly production, implementation of principles of a circular economy.
DN: In your opinion, is the future with plant-based, animal proteins, or perhaps with technologies like precision fermentation?

In my opinion, the future lies in diversity. Therefore, the dairy sector will need segmentation into different types of products according to evolving consumer needs.

DN: What challenges does your company face in the coming years in terms of ensuring production efficiency and meeting consumer demand?

The key challenge for all industry participants today is the introduction of products that meet market needs.

The tasks ahead of us in the coming years include ensuring flexibility/universality of production lines, reducing environmental impact, and implementing a sustainability strategy. Additionally, like all market participants at present, we face challenges with supply chains and distribution.

 DN: Your wishes for dairy market participants

I want to wish all dairy industry participants to take responsibility for the future of the planet, to be open to innovation, to apply only ethical methods in agriculture and business operations. And most importantly, to provide consumers with healthy nutrition!

The Dairy Olympics will take place from May 26th to May 30th in Ankara, Turkey. The aim of the Dairy Olympics is to assess the prospects of the global dairy market, evaluate existing industry issues, forecast trends, establish new connections, and initiate new ambitious projects.

To register as a participant or propose a topic for presentation, you can visit the official website of the event.


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