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Ayça Çetinkaya: Innovation is at the core of "Setuay Milking & Cooling Systems" ethos

Turkey 10.05.2024
Source: The DairyNews
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The editorial team at The Dairynews.today spoke with Mrs. Ayça Çetinkaya Çöplüoğlu, Export Manager of "Setuay Milking & Cooling Systems." The company is a special sponsor of the upcoming Dairy Olympics and is a family business specializing in innovations in dairy livestock solutions. More details are available in the interview.
Ayça Çetinkaya: Innovation is at the core of "Setuay Milking & Cooling Systems" ethos
What will be the topic of your presentation at the Dairy Olympics? Why do you believe it's an important topic?

Our presentation at the Dairy Olympics will delve into the intricate workings of our groundbreaking "Milking Robot" project. This initiative represents a significant milestone not only for our company but also as a pioneering endeavor within Türkiye's dairy industry. We take immense pride in being among the few companies worldwide to introduce such advanced robotics technology to the dairy sector, setting a new standard for efficiency, productivity, and animal welfare practices.

Could you tell us about your company? What market problem does your company solve?

As a family-oriented company deeply committed to innovation, our journey in the stainless steel processing realm has been marked by decades of experience and a relentless pursuit of excellence. What sets us apart is our unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction, ensuring that every product and service we offer meets and exceeds industry standards.

How do you evaluate the impact of your company on the market and what achievements do you consider most significant?
Our company's impact on the market is multifaceted, with each aspect contributing significantly to our overall achievements. In the realm of Milk Cooling Tanks, we've improved accessibility to high quality products with fast delivery times and great pricing for farmers. Furthermore, our commitment to continuous improvement and innovation towards to production has enabled us to stay ahead of market trends and evolving customer demands.

What is your competitive advantage?

Our competitive advantage lies in our holistic approach to product development and customer service. From utilizing advanced laser welding techniques in tank manufacturing to offering customizable solutions tailored to each regions specific needs, we prioritize quality, reliability, and affordability. Our user-centric approach, coupled with extensive user feedback mechanisms, ensures that our products not only meet but also exceed customer expectations. Additionally, our ability to maintain competitive pricing while upholding stringent quality standards underscores our commitment to delivering unparalleled value to our clients.

In which regions are you represented and focus primarily? Why?

Our extensive presence across 36+ countries underscores the global recognition and trust our brand has garnered over the years. With strategic partnerships in regions ranging from Europe to Asia, Africa, and the Americas, we have established ourselves as a trusted name in the dairy industry worldwide. This diverse geographical footprint allows us to cater to a wide range of customers, each with unique requirements and preferences.

Which external markets and regions do you plan to enter?

Looking ahead, our strategic focus includes expanding our presence in key markets while also exploring new territories with untapped potential. Our robust distribution network and strong industry alliances position us favorably to enter emerging markets and capitalize on growth opportunities. By leveraging our existing partnerships and leveraging market insights, we aim to solidify our position as a strong competitor in dairy technology and solutions.

What are the main challenges your company faces in the current market situation?

The current market scenario presents several challenges, particularly in terms of competition and market saturation. While the demand for quality dairy products and equipment remains high, the influx of competitors offering subpar solutions at lower prices poses a significant challenge. In the realm of Milking Robots, the landscape is characterized by a limited number of players, each with unique strengths and offerings. Navigating these challenges requires a strategic approach centered on innovation, differentiation, and customer-centricity.

What strategies do you use to address these challenges and ensure stable development?

To address these challenges effectively, we have implemented a range of strategies focused on enhancing product quality, optimizing production processes, and fostering customer relationships. Our emphasis on continuous improvement and innovation drives us to explore new technologies, methodologies, and market trends. By staying agile and responsive to market dynamics, we can proactively address challenges, mitigate risks, and seize opportunities for growth.

What innovations and technologies do you implement to improve your company's products or services?

Innovation is at the core of our company ethos, driving us to continually push boundaries. We are currently conducting rigorous testing and refinement processes on our Milking Robot technology at our research and development farm. These ongoing tests not only validate the robustness and effectiveness of our robotics solutions but also ensure that they meet the highest standards of performance, reliability, and user satisfaction. Additionally, we are embarking on an ambitious project to build a new, dedicated factory focused on the production and advancement of Milking Robot technology. This strategic investment underscores our long-term commitment to innovation, automation, and revolutionizing the dairy industry landscape.

What are your company's plans and goals for the near future? What steps are being taken to achieve them?

Looking ahead, our company's plans and goals are aligned with our vision of becoming a strong competitor in dairy technology and solutions. Our immediate focus includes the successful launch and market penetration of our Milking Robot technology, which represents a significant leap forward in dairy automation and efficiency. Concurrently, we are committed to expanding our production capabilities, enhancing customer experiences, and fostering strategic partnerships to drive sustainable growth. Our roadmap includes initiatives aimed at sustainability, digital transformation, and customer-centricity, all geared towards achieving long-term success and creating value for stakeholders.

What are your expectations for the Dairy Olympics?

As we prepare for the Dairy Olympics, our expectations are high, fueled by the anticipation of engaging with industry peers, showcasing our innovations, and exchanging valuable insights. We view this platform as an opportunity to spotlight our achievements, share our expertise, and forge new partnerships that will propel us towards our vision of shaping the future of dairy technology. We look forward to meaningful interactions, collaborative discussions, and the opportunity to showcase the transformative impact of SETUAY on the dairy industry.

The Dairy Olympics will take place from May 26th to May 30th in Ankara, Türkiye. The aim of the Dairy Olympics is to assess the prospects of the global dairy market, evaluate existing industry issues, forecast trends, establish new connections, and initiate new ambitious projects.

To register as a participant or propose a topic for presentation, you can visit the official website of the event.


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