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A Big List of Dairy Product Launches and Innovations for the First Half of 2024

World 14.06.2024
Source: The DairyNews
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The editorial team at Dairynews.today has compiled a review of the most notable new products and launches on the dairy shelves from January to June 2024. Here are some of the standout offerings.
A Big List of Dairy Product Launches and Innovations for the First Half of 2024

US organic dairy company Straus Family Creamery launched a new range of organic low-fat kefirs, available in plain and blueberry flavors. Packaged in reusable glass bottles, these products align with the company’s commitment to climate-resilient practices and zero-waste goals.

 Häagen-Daz entered the snackable ice cream market with Bites, a new ice cream format available in salted caramel and chocolate flavors, catering to the growing demand for bite-size ice cream products.

Müller Yogurt & Desserts, in partnership with Mondelēz’s Cadbury brand, introduced milkshakes in chocolate and chocolate caramel flavors in the UK and Ireland, using milk from UK farms and Cadbury milk chocolate.

Carnation Breakfast Essentials, a Nestlé Health Science brand, unveiled its new fruit and protein nutritional smoothie. The Strawberry Banana Smoothie contains fruit purees equivalent to 1/3 cup of fruit and 21 vitamins and minerals, providing a nutritious breakfast option with 50% less sugar than other refrigerated juice and smoothie brands.

Seattle-based Darigold Inc. launched Belle, a brand of dairy-based coffee creamers, available in Vanilla, Sweet Cream, Hazelnut Latte, and Caramel flavors, made with only five simple ingredients and no oils or fillers.

Yoplait Protein offered a convenient way for consumers to meet their protein goals with flavors like Vanilla, Strawberry, and Key Lime Pie.

Kraft Singles introduced three new flavors: Jalapeño, Garlic & Herb, and Caramelized Onion, marking the first flavor expansion in nearly a decade.


Froneri added two new flavors under its Nuii chocolate ice cream stick brand: Caramelised Salted Almond & New Zealand Honey, and a honey-flavored variant combined with creamy vanilla ice cream and milk chocolate.
Prairie Farms expanded its ready-to-drink category with new single-serve options in Mocha and Caramel flavors.

Unilever-owned brand Magnum launched two new ice cream stick innovations: Pink Lemonade and Blueberry Cookie, the latter being a vegan variant.


Alexandre Family Farm introduced the first A2/A2 organic digestible dairy European-style sour cream, supporting a healthy gut microbiome with live active probiotic cultures.

Sargento added new products to its snacking lineup: Fun! Balanced Breaks, Fiesta Pepper, and Smokehouse String Cheese Snacks.

Gifford’s Ice Cream announced its first year-round pint line with seven new flavors.

Bubbies Ice Cream introduced three new mochi ice cream flavors: Chocolate Peanut Butter, Churro, and Mint Chocolate Chip.

Organic Valley launched Flavor Favorites, a new line of organic cheeses including Italian Herb Mozzarella Shreds and Spicy Cheddar Slices.
Flavor_Favorites_Group_photo1_Organic_Valley (1).jpg


Inspired by the STAR WARS saga, TruMoo introduced Blue Milk, a limited-time vanilla-flavored low-fat milk.

Prairie Farms Dairy announced major additions to the lactose-free category with new whole and 2% milk, cottage cheese, and sour cream products.

International Delight, in collaboration with Hershey’s, unveiled new REESE'S Iced Coffee in ready-to-sip cans.

Danone North America launched REMIX, a variety of yogurts and dairy snacks with mix-ins under its Light + Fit, Oikos, and Too Good & Co. brands.

Crystal Farms Dairy Co. introduced 10 new cheese items, including Deluxe Melts and Snack Cubes.

Belton Farm rebranded its Red Fox aged Red Leicester cheese, enhancing packaging and branding.

La Colombe Coffee Roasters launched new 11 fluid-oz. Draft Latte cans under Chobani leadership.


Arla Foods signed a licensing agreement with Mondelēz International to produce and distribute Milka chocolate milk in three European countries.

Anchor Squeezy, a new product combining butter and rapeseed oil in a squeezable bottle, was launched to simplify baking.



Milkadamia launched Organic Artisan, its first USDA organic macadamia nut milk, nationwide in Whole Foods Market.

Frigo Cheese Heads introduced a new whole milk string cheese product with new packaging featuring its unique cheese characters.

Outshine Fruit & Yogurt Smoothies launched a limited-edition Fruit Cocktail Kit for creating summer beverages.

NIÚKE unveiled QmilQ, a quinoa milk brand co-founded by LatinaX entrepreneur Jessica Castellano.

Clawson Farms introduced six new flavored cheese wheels under its new range of wax truckles.
Clawson Farms introduced six new flavored cheese wheels under its new range of wax truckles..jpg

Starbucks, in partnership with Arla, launched a high-protein RTD coffee range with 20g of protein per bottle.

Japanese coffee company Ueshima launched two RTD canned coffee varieties into the UK market.

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