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"We strive to maintain good relations with colleagues from other countries as much as possible." - Denis Pronin

Kazakhstan 24.04.2024
Source: The DairyNews
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Denis Pronin, the Head of Development Department in Eastern European countries at Weidemann company, told The DairyNews why he participates in the Dairy Olympiad 2024 and why it is important for livestock companies to increase mechanization levels.
 "We strive to maintain good relations with colleagues from other countries as much as possible." - Denis Pronin
Денис Пронин Weidemann
Is this your first time planning to attend the Dairy Olympics?

Last year, my colleague went to the Dairy Olympics in Tashkent, unfortunately, I couldn't attend.

What other events organized by The DairyNews are of interest to you?

Last year, it was important for us to participate in the rally in Turkey, as we are starting to explore the Turkish market and plan to enter it. Therefore, all events within the rally were interesting to us.

Are you participating in the Dairy Olympics this year?

Yes, I myself plan to be there. It is expected that there will also be many participants from the livestock industry from Central and Middle Asia, and I want to exchange experience with them. I have also been given the opportunity to give a small presentation at the Olympics.

What will your presentation be about?

I plan to talk about the level of mechanization in livestock farming in different countries. I have been living in Germany for quite some time and can say that the difference in the level of mechanization in Western, Eastern Europe, and the countries of the former USSR is quite significant.

What are the differences?

In Western Europe, the level of mechanization is higher, which brings many advantages. Working in livestock farming is physically demanding, and there is a lot of it if the level of mechanization is low, so it is difficult to attract young people to this sphere. When there is a lot of manual labor, it is more difficult for people to work, and there are more of them than with a high level of mechanization, and companies have to share profits among a large number of people. Moreover, each employee has a low salary.

With a high level of mechanization, fewer people work at the enterprise, their work is easier because more machinery is used. And the average salary is higher because there are few employees.

Has it become more difficult to implement the experience of Western countries in other countries?

Over the past two years, of course, cooperation has become more difficult. For example, if you need to send cargo to Belarus or Central Asia, it is not delivered through Russia, which would be easier, but through other routes. For obvious reasons, logistics have become more expensive, and delivery times have become longer. Nevertheless, we strive to maintain good relations with colleagues from other countries, despite the complex geopolitical situation.

The Dairy Olympics will take place from May 26th to May 30th in Ankara, Turkey. The aim of the Dairy Olympics is to assess the prospects of the global dairy market, evaluate existing industry issues, forecast trends, establish new connections, and initiate new ambitious projects.

To register as a participant or propose a topic for presentation, you can visit the official website of the event.


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