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About Us


The Dairy News holds a prominent position as a global authority in the milk market.

As the one of the world's major specialized media outlets for the dairy industry, The Dairy News is a highly influential and authoritative source. This independent media platform delivers numerous daily news updates on the global state of the dairy industry.

Not only a news provider, The Dairy News is a key organizer of significant events in the global dairy market, including the prestigious Dairy Olympics, Dairy Rally, Central Asia Dairy Congress etc.

Guided by principles of openness, accessibility, and independence, The DairyNews ensures that all information regarding dairy farming, the dairy industry, and the activities of market players is freely accessible to its readers.

In a move to further contribute to industry insights, The DairyNews is set to launch an independent analytical platform—the Dairy Intelligence Agency (DIA). The analytical products from DIA include the Dairy Maps, featuring operational and regularly updated information about dairy industry enterprises, and the Milk Shortage Maps, an annual analytical tool assessing regional self-sufficiency levels.

With a readership exceeding 4,5 million unique visitors and garnering over 10 million views annually, The DairyNews continues to play a pivotal role in disseminating vital information within the dairy sector.