Yandex.Lavka has launched its own line of cheeses

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The Yandex.Lavka service now has a line of 13 different cheeses under its own brand. Among them are soft, hard and semi-hard cheeses that will cover all the basic needs of users, reported in the company's press service to The DairyNews.

Now users can taste Maasdam, Parmesan, Brie, Camembert, mozzarella, burrata, blue cheese, "Light" and other cheeses "From Lavka". Now cheese is in 16% of the service's receipts, and this is one of the fastest growing categories. Semi-hard and soft cheeses are the most popular among customers.

To form the assortment, Lavka conducted a study and found out what cheeses users like and what they value in each of them. For Parmesan, richness and piquancy were important, for burrata and mozzarella – a delicate creamy taste, and for Camembert – mushroom notes in the taste.

The development of Brie and Camembert was carried out by a technologist who specialized only in white-mold cheeses for more than 5 years. Mass consumers prefer young cheeses, so Brie and Camembert "From Lavka" are taken from the factory in two weeks. The presence of cream in the composition of "Cream" cheese was important for consumers. Not all suppliers had the recipe that matched this request, so they chose the one who could add cream to the cheese.

The team of Lavka also found that the taste of cheese is influenced by the quality of milk and the climate of the region, so they chose their own manufacturer for each type. For example, fresh cream cheeses - mozzarella and burrata are made in Kostroma. Milk from this region is best suited for these cheeses. For the production of Parmesan they chose Uruguay. In this country, it is summer all year round, so cows eat only green grass, which gives Parmesan the "right" rich and piquant taste.

The line of cheeses will be available to all users of Lavka in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Nizhny Novgorod. By the end of the year, Lavka will expand the range of its own brand to 67 items. Already, 45% of users who placed own brand orders in the previous month make a repeat purchase.

Earlier, we reported that the Mosmedynagroprom plant (part of the group EkoNiva), Rostagrocomplex, and the enterprise Zhukovskoe moloko became suppliers of dairy products and cheeses for the own brand Yandex.Lavka.

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