World food prices rise for the ninth month in a row

Global food commodity prices have risen for the ninth month in a row, with the price of sugar and vegetable oils rising in the first place. The average value of the FAO food price index, which reflects monthly changes in international prices for basic food items, was 116 points in February, which is 2.4% more than in January, reported in the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) on Thursday.

The price index for vegetable oil increased by 6.2%, reaching the highest level since April 2012. The price index for sugar rose by 6.4% compared to January, as "lower production in key producing countries, as well as strong import demand from Asia, raised ongoing concerns about a reduction in global supplies". The price index for cereals for the month increased by 1.2%, for meat - by 0.6%, for dairy products - by 1.7%.

The organization also reported that, according to a preliminary forecast, "global wheat production in 2021 is likely to grow and reach a new record of 780 million tons, as expectations of a recovery in production in the European Union more than compensate for the risks of production in the Russian Federation, which depend on weather conditions."

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