Vartan Avetov: producers of product A2 consider any milk useful

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The founder of the company "A2 milk" in Russia Vartan Avetov said that the producers of the product A2 consider any milk useful, writes The DairyNews.

The expert said that the largest producer of A2 milk in the world is the New Zealand company "A2 milk company". According to him, now its products are presented in many countries of the world: New Zealand, Australia, the USA, Canada, China, Cambodia. In addition to this company, A2-milk is also produced by a number of representatives in India and Ukraine. According to Vartan Avetov, production is ready to start in Belarus.

- In Russia, there are producers of A2 milk in Krasnodar region, in the Urals, and, of course, the company "A2 milk", which was the first to start the production of A2 milk in our country. And we continue to be unique in the world, thanks to our methods of controlling the absence of A1 protein in raw milk and in finished products, Vartan Avetov said.

He noted that in our country, as all over the world, A2 milk is actively developing. According to him, the manufacturers' bet on doctors and scientists is already bearing fruit. Therefore, more and more often there are cases when doctors and scientists already on their own initiative give lectures on the effectiveness of A2 milk and recommend it to their patients.

Vartan Avetov noted that no one produces A1 milk separately. It is part of the so-called combined milk (produced from both cows A1, cows A2 and cows of mixed genotype A1A2). According to the expert, the main advantage of A2 milk is that it is better absorbed. In this regard, people in most cases do not have problems with the gastrointestinal tract. It also helps in the prevention of a number of chronic diseases: from cardiovascular to autoimmune.

- There is only one difference between A2 milk and mixed milk. During the digestive process beta-casomorphin 7 is released from ordinary milk. Scientists have proven that this peptide just causes inflammatory processes in the gastrointestinal tract. Penetrating through the small intestine into the blood, it causes the risk of cardiovascular and autoimmune diseases. That's the only difference, the expert said.

As for the development of the market of this type of milk, Vartan Avetov notes the following:

- I think that in the future the whole world will produce and consume only A2 milk. This is serious. In New Zealand, the entire herd is already being transferred to genotype A2 at the state level. Australia has also embarked on this path. In 5 years there will be only A2 milk, then the whole world will start to move. They set the fashion.

The expert said that the process of switching to the A2 genotype is carried out by the method of herd selection and using semen only from A2 bulls. To date, all the world's largest suppliers of semen have already tested their livestock. Therefore, those producers who already understand the difference now buy semen only with the A2 genotype. Thus, gradually, the A1 genotype will come to naught, Avetov believes.

With regard to the situation on the market associated with "confrontation" of different types of milk, Vartan Avertov reported the following:

- We have never stated that ordinary milk is harmful. We say that milk is one of the best food products. In addition, we love milk very much and always wish only prosperity to all milk producers. We are sometimes accused of the fact that the producers of A2 milk promote this type as the only correct one, forgetting about the other types. Someone says it for us. We have never said that. We always say that any milk is useful. Yes, there is a difference between different kinds. Our milk is suitable for people who have problems, but it also needs to be used for prevention.

According to the expert, the most important thing is to advocate for the evolutionary development of the dairy industry:

- No one, for example, accuses the producers of goat milk of saying that their milk is better. In addition, the difference between goat milk and ordinary cow milk is primarily that it is completely A2. Therefore, we performed at almost all dairy sites and everywhere we declared that we are for milk. We even introduced the term "evolutionary revolution" – these are two contradictory words, but we say that there is a revolution in the dairy industry, and it will lead to the fact that within 10-15 years all milk will be A2. And we are exactly for the evolutionary approach.

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