Valio increased its investment in the plant near Moscow to 178 million rubles

Источник: The DairyNews
Large-scale works on modernization of the existing equipment and installation of additional lines have been completed at the own production facilities of a subsidiary of the Finnish concern in Moscow region. The total volume of investments in the site in 2020 exceeded 178 million rubles, reported in the press service of the company to The DairyNews.

The upgrade affected the main range of processed and yellow cheeses. The implementation of the investment project within several years will increase the actual production capacity of the plant by 2.5 thousand tons per year, as well as significantly increase the level of automation of production site.

‘For Valio in Russia, its own plant in Moscow region remains a priority object for development. In 2020, the company planned large-scale work to modernize the equipment and install a new one. I cannot but note that, despite the unfavorable epidemiological situation and the strict restrictions imposed on the plant in this regard, the project was implemented successfully and effectively. This is an absolute merit of the staff of our plant,’ commented Elena Kipeneva, General Director of LLC Valio.

The process equipment has been updated on the line for the production of processed Viola cheese in baths, and a line for automatic packing of products in boxes has been installed. The work carried out will increase the volume of production of Viola in baths weighing 400 g from 17 to 26 tons per day. A new parcel machine has been put into operation on the line for Viola processed cheese in triangles, which will increase the production of assorted triangles by 3 tons per day. The modernization of the Viola line in slices will allow, among other things, to produce automatic packing of cheese in boxes. On the line of yellow cheeses, work has been carried out, thanks to which the quantum of products in the corrugated container will be corrected. This will allow us to adapt customer orders to the actual turnover of products on the shelves of retail chains.

Work under the investment project began in the spring of 2020, and the phased commissioning of the equipment continued until January 2021. In connection with the updates, about 20 new jobs will be created at the plant.

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13 ноября 2023 г. правительство РФ опубликовало проект постановления, который предлагает присвоить всем коровникам и другим животноводческим сельхозпредприятиям категории «высокого и чрезвычайно высокого риска», что предполагает более строгий контроль и увеличение количества плановых проверок. The DairyNews узнал у участников молочного рынка, как нововведение отразится на работе животноводческих ферм и в целом на отрасли, а также насколько предлагаемые меры помогут в борьбе с опасными заболеваниями животных.
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