"Utkonos Online": In 2021, the trend for online grocery delivery will continue

Источник: The DairyNews
General Director of company "Utkonos Online" Danny Perekalsky believes that the demand for online delivery will continue next year, reports The DairyNews.

In his opinion, this is due to the fact that during the pandemic, many people first tried the possibilities of online ordering. The expert suggests that this is the biggest change for e-grocery in its entire history.

- Most likely, the new experience for many people will turn into a permanent one, and the order of products will become regular. The demand for online delivery will move to a new level. Even now, we can say that the current situation will push more and more people to use online services: training, shopping, entertainment. According to our estimates, the scope of delivery of products will never be the same - says Danny Perekalsky.

He said that in 2021, the company plans to expand the range to 100,000 SKUs, as well as move towards increasing the speed of delivery, so that customers can receive any order in 2 hours after registration.

The expert notes that the growth of e-commerce will be influenced by the improvement of logistics infrastructure in the regions. This will provide a wide choice for buyers and fast delivery that are currently lacking in regions.

Also, according to Danny Perekalsky, the trend towards personalized communication with the buyer through various channels based on Big Data personalization will continue to have a significant impact.

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