Tyumen complex Damate reached the planned capacity of 55 thousand tons of milk per year in 2021

Источник: The DairyNews
The dairy complex of the group of companies Damate in Tyumen region reached the planned capacity of 55 thousand tons according to the results of work in 2021. During the year, the company actually produced more than 56 thousand tons of raw milk materials of the highest grade. The number of cattle of the complex increased by 1.5 thousand – by 13% compared to last year. Currently, it has 13.2 thousand units of cattle. For 12 months, the gross milk yield per dairy cow amounted to over 12.2 thousand kg and exceeded by 11% the figure for the same period in 2020, reported in the press service of the Group of companies to The DairyNews.

The positive growth dynamics is due to the commissioning of the third stage of the complex in the summer of 2020, which provided for an increase in the milking herd to 6 thousand cows. Thanks to this, the planned capacity of one of the most modern farms in Russia has grown to 55 thousand tons of milk per year.

Systematic work on the introduction of innovative technologies in milk production processes had an important impact on the increase in production results. Among the most significant solutions are artificial intelligence in the calving process and remote monitoring of the herd.

The growth of indicators was also facilitated by the implementation of the country's first project in the field of cattle genetics, implemented at the enterprise since the beginning of 2021. Over the past year, the specialists of the complex systematically introduced animals into the herd based on genomic typing, which allows revealing the hidden genetic potential of cows immediately after birth.

As part of the project, Damate uses advanced genetic technologies at the complex, including genomic testing, IVF, embryo transplantation. The project provides for the organization of cattle genotyping on a regular basis, the launch of its own embryonic laboratory, the opening of a genetic center for the production of heifers and a training center for specialists.

The Damate dairy complex, the largest in Siberia, was officially opened in 2017, and the third stage of the farm was commissioned in 2020.

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