Trade is not ready for labeling - Alexander Shirinkin

Источник: The DairyNews
Speaking at the webinar Blitz-news from "VNIMI", Chairman of the Board of Directors of JSC Tula dairy plant Alexander Shirinkin said that retail chains are not ready to introduce mandatory digital labeling, writes The DairyNews.

The expert noted that this fact is not advertised in the industry. According to him, these results were revealed as a result of the experiment on the introduction of labeling at the Tula dairy plant. Alexander Shirinkin said that work was carried out with several retail chains, which were unable to ensure the reception of goods and bring them to the checkout.

‘The biggest risk is reading at the checkout. There are cases when the code is not read, and the cashiers have to enter it on their own. With Data-matrix, this will not work, so such a product will be written as defected. Therefore, the correct application of codes is a big and difficult job,’ said Alexander Shirinkin.

He said that at the beginning of the experiment on the introduction of mandatory digital labeling at Tula dairy plant, the percentage of defect was 15-20 %. At the same time, the following results have been achieved so far: 0.1% of defect for milk packaging (foil) milk and 3% - for lids.

According to the expert, the losses in labeling will continue, but they will depend on how the industry works with the system. Therefore, Alexander Shirinkin believes that it is necessary to work more and get involved in the process faster. Then the percentage of defect will be reduced.

Some industry representatives also say that retail chains are not ready for the introduction of labeling.

For example, General Director of the Southern Dairy Union, Konstantin Sinetsky, believes that problems associated with the labeling of ice cream can lead to the fact that it can only be bought in large retail chains, as small outlets may not be able to cope with the process.

The expert noted that ice cream is a product of spontaneous demand. The main part of it is sold through small-scale trade.

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