Those sentenced to forced labor in Moscow region are planned to be employed by agricultural enterprises

Источник: The DairyNews
The directors of large agricultural enterprises in Moscow region note a shortage of workers and offer to attract those sentenced to forced labor to vacant places, reported in the press service of the Main Department of Regional Security of Moscow Region.

‘As representatives of regional agricultural enterprises note, due to the increase in production and sales of products, there is an acute shortage of employees. The opening of divisions on the basis of several enterprises in Moscow region, where those convicted to forced labor could live and work, will be a positive experience of joint cooperation,’ the message reads.

Deputy Chairman of the government of Moscow region, Head of the main Department of regional security Roman Karataev, quoted by the press service, noted that the development of this type of punishment will reduce the level of recidivism in the region ‘by providing convicts with means of subsistence and the possibility of maintaining social ties.’

On Tuesday, the directors of large agricultural enterprises of agro-industrial complex of Moscow region visited the detention center No. 1 of the Federal Penitentiary Service Department of the Russian Federation across Moscow region, located in Kashira.

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