The winners of the regional food brands competition "Tastes of Russia" have been announced

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Today, the Ministry of agriculture of Russia held a ceremony summing up the results of the First national competition of regional food brands "Tastes of Russia", during which 24 winners were announced in 8 categories.

The task of the contest to identify "strong" and recognizable regional brands has become an important part of the execution of the relevant order of the President, writes The DairyNews.

Winning the competition gives participants not only reputational advantages – a set of measures for promoting local brands will be implemented for the winners, which will allow them to get even closer acquainted with the most interesting, original and high-quality Russian products.

In total, 508 brands from 79 regions of the Russian Federation entered the “Tastes of Russia” contest. The largest number of applications was submitted by Bashkiria, Moscow region and Tatarstan. As a result, the best brands in 7 categories were selected by an expert Commission, in addition, Russian residents determined their favorites – over 1 million votes were cast during the popular vote.

The winners of the category "We are chosen" were presented by Jan Dunning, CEO of PJSC Magnit. Among them are:

Buryat buuz (poses), Republic of Buryatia;

Cheeses of Moscow region, Moscow region;

Lamb of Dagestan, Republic of Dagestan.

The nomination "From our village", which identifies the best brands of territories with a population of up to 3 thousand people, was presented by Boris Akimov, Director for development of the farming direction of GC Azbuka Vkusa. The winners are:

1st place – Kologrivsky goose, Kostroma region;

2nd place – Sidiminsky honey, Khabarovsk region;

3rd place – Cheeses from Syrostan, Chelyabinsk region.

Ekaterina Shapovalova, coordinator of the Federal project "Gastronomic map of Russia", named the winners in the category "Delicious nearby". The best brands in territories with a population of up to 30 thousand people are:

1st place – Tatar dried goose, Republic of Tatarstan;

2nd place – Arctic berry Pastille, Nenets Autonomous district;

3rd place – Kostroma Cheese, Kostroma region.

The winners in the category "Try and love", which considered the products of individual subjects, were presented by restaurateur Arkady Novikov. They are:

1st place – Michurinsky apples, Tambov region;

2nd place – Chak-chak Kazansky, Republic of Tatarstan;

3rd place – Tuva mutton, Republic of Tuva.

Maxim Protasov, Head of the Russian quality system, named the best brands in the category "Fair of taste", representing several subjects at once:

1st place – Kuban Wines, Krasnodar region;

2nd place – Wine of the Don, Rostov region;

3rd place – Sosva herring, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug.

Liliya Gumerova, Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on science, education and culture, presented the nomination "For the whole country", which was attended by brands included in the register of names of places of origin of goods. The winners are:

1st place – Vologda butter, Vologda region;

2nd place – Adygei Cheese, Republic of Adygea;

3rd place – Bashkir honey, Republic of Bashkortostan.

The following brands with high export potential became winners in the category "Taste without borders". They were presented by Sergey Vologodsky, Vice-President of JSC Russian export center:

1st place – Belevskaya pastila, Tula region;

2nd place – Tomsk cedar milk, Tomsk region.

3rd place – Yamal venison, Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug.

Irina Zhachkina, First Deputy Chairman of the Board of JSC Rosselkhozbank, named the best brands from the point of view of agrotourism development that took part in the nomination "Come round":

1st place – Karelian trout, Republic of Karelia;

2nd place – Crimean wine, Republic of Crimea;

3rd place – Ossetian pies, Republic of North Ossetia-Alania.

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