The volume of state support for the dairy industry in 2020 amounted to 33 billion rubles - Artem Belov

Источник: The DairyNews
General Director of Soyuzmoloko Artem Belov spoke about the results of the outgoing year, saying that in 2020 the volume of state support for the industry remained at the level of previous years, amounting to about 33 billion rubles, writes The DairyNews.

The expert added that this year all the main areas of state support were preserved: preferential short-term lending, preferential investment lending, subsidies for a liter of milk, breeding support, as well as compensation for direct costs incurred for the construction/modernization of the farm – the so-called capex. According to Artem Belov, the volume of funding for them at the end of the year amounted to just under 5 billion rubles.

He also added that one of the important events in the outgoing year was the decision to implement several new areas of support. They are the allocation of investment loans for the construction of facilities for processing, recycling and storage of manure, as well as the purchase of equipment for them in livestock complexes.

- There are several areas that are currently being worked out. First, these are investment loans for the purchase and maintenance of informatization and digitalization products, that is, hardware and software for the production and processing of milk. The second area is the use of concessional loans for the purchase of high-energy feed – primarily meal and cake. The history is important, especially in the current situation, with a very serious increase in the price of these feeds, said Artem Belov.

Another important decision taken this year, the expert considers the reimbursement of direct costs incurred for the construction of export-oriented processing plants. He noted that this issue is now being actively discussed in the government, and results on its adoption are expected in the near future.

Artem Belov said that in 2020, there were also made a number of decisions that are aimed at supporting the industry in a pandemic situation as part of anti-crisis measures. These include an increase in the limits on preferential short-term loans from 600 million rubles to 1 billion 200 million rubles and a two-year extension of the zero VAT rate for the import of breeding cattle and breeding material, as well as their sale on the territory of Russia.

- And the third is the extension and postponement of payments in 2020 on preferential short-term and investment loans, as well as on loans that were received before 2017, - concluded Artem Belov.

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