The School of milk adulteration has started

Источник: The DairyNews
The DairyNews news agency, together with the Scientific Research Center Cherkizovo, is holding an event to identify falsified products in milk, which is attended by more than 20 participants of the dairy market.


During the first day of the event, the following speakers will do their presentations:

  • Elena Yurova, Head of the Laboratory of technical and chemical control at the Dairy Industry Research Institute, Candidate of Technical Sciences

TOPIC: Identification of milk and dairy products when confirming compliance with the requirements of the technical regulations of the Customs Union. Methods for detection of falsification of milk as raw material.

  • Alexander Rusak, Business Development Manager for Eastern Europe and China, Randox Food Diagnostics (online)

TOPIC: A solution for multiplex analysis of dairy raw materials and dairy products for veterinary drug residues using biochip technology. Experience of application in the Customs Union, Europe and Asia.

  • Sergey Shapovalov, Director of the Scientific Research Center "Cherkizovo", Doctor of Biological Sciences / Marina Dolgaya, Expert in the field of analytical methods of milk analysis

TOPIC: Unification of measurements and accuracy of determination of physical and chemical indicators of milk quality.

  • Olga Pavlovskaya, Head of the Department, ATL

TOPIC: Falsification of the physical and chemical composition of milk. Ultrasonic and viscometric methods of milk analysis.

  • Elena Melnikova, Head of the Department of Technological Control and Development, JSC Molvest, Doctor of Technical Sciences. (online)

TOPIC: Falsification of the protein composition of raw milk. Types of falsification. The influence of protein composition falsification on technological processes, the quality of dairy products and the health of consumers.

  • Tatiana Dushkina, Director of sales and marketing of industrial areas, LLC bioMerieux Rus.

TOPIC: Advantages of accelerated (automated) methods of microbiological control of dairy products at different stages of production.

  • Marina Morozova, Head of the Corporate service of the quality management system and food safety, JSC Wimm-Bill-Dann

TOPIC: Measures to prevent food falsification


The second day will be held at the Scientific Research center Cherkizovo.

‘We will show how our laboratory has changed - we have become more equipped, improved in comparison with the first School of Falsification, held in 2017. - says the director of SRC Cherkizovo Sergey Shapovalov. - We are moving forward together with a company that sells 1.5 million tons of meat and is a leader in the export supply to China, meeting the highest quality requirements of the People's Republic of China.


Роскачество обнаружило фальсификат сыра в половине проверенных пицц «Маргарита» в известных российских торговых сетях и пиццериях. The DairyNews спросили участников отрасли, почему производители не сообщают об использовании сырных аналогов при изготовлении пиццы и что с этим делать.
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